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Today is






Its been a wonderful
week. I got off work yesterday ( Saturday) and went to the movies to see The
Help. My family were looking for me ( he he he), I didn’t tell them where I was
because they felt I should have asked them to go. LOL But sometimes I like to
just get up and go, not call and ask folks to go with me, not tell someone to
meet me there, I enjoy SOLOS…and that’s what I did. (sneaky







It was a great movie.
I’m not on blood pressure pills, but there were some parts in the movie that had
me wanting to take several to bring me back. LOL  when my leg gets to jumping, I
have to think of  words and beautiful places to calm my atmosphere. I love to
see my black people on the screen, I can always relate to them. I love a actress
who can speak with her eyes……Octavia Spencer she is a great actress, and I
hope to see her again on the screen. I  really loved her character, she reminds
me so much of myself, her personality. I really enjoyed watching her come to
life. Great film, you all should all see it.








I was watching the VMA’s
and I’m so happy that Beyonce and JayZ is having a baby!!!! I’m going to finally
be a grandmother. LOL I Love her and is so happy that she is thinking about
husband and herself . Some  celebrities think about pleasing their fans, and
even if they want families they don’t take the time to make it happen. Maybe
they want to continue to be  #1. Then you have some who “don’t want people in
their business”…. so what, they’re going to be in the business with or without
a baby. Some hid their marriages from the public, they fight and argue, divorce
and move on. If I was to ever marry a celebrity ( which I would NEVER in my LIFE
DO) EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR even think about it, he won’t keep my marriage status
quiet. I can’t live life like that, they gotta  sneak,  hide, whisper,  and
dodge the press. Who wants that mess and drama queen life. You can make your
life private.. I’m very private… and just because I share what the next person
WONT, doesn’t mean a thing. Trust me there are things inside me, that is
PRIVATE. LOL LOL So just because I share something that is HUGE to you, don’t
mean that you know all there is to know. I’ll never run out of private LIFE
STORIES. Anyway….so happy for B and J.








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