My Virgo Friend…Anger Issues…Keeping it moving….. Cree’s Blog Entry

IMG_1328I’m feeling so much better after we had that 94 degree weather, then the next day in the 60’s. I knew it would catch me. I was sweating leaving work * no air in the schools here* and when I got outside the breeze was feeling good. The next day I was sick. I’ve been coughing so much my RIB CAGE IS SORE!!!! OOO chile. LOL Anyway… I’m fine.

I finally got a chance to talk to my VIRGO friend who caught our apartment building on fire Friday. He came to gather up some things from his apartment. Yesterday was his birthday. He had just got out of the hospital. He had burns on his neck that was visible, his hands were burnt and not sure where else. We plan to talk tonight. He was moving his things out, not sure if he’s coming back. Sometimes I feel that I should have helped him out. OOO Lawd, we use to debate about any and every ole thang. I think he liked to make up with me… I dunno. But any way, he was soooooooooooooo happy to see me when the elevator opened and it was my face he saw. He had a flat bed full of his things that were falling all over the place. People were waiting to get on the elevator, saw him struggling and wouldn’t lift a finger, until he said.. yall wanna get on, and I wanna get out, HELP ME SOMEBODY. LOL LOL LOL That’s a true Virgo…. we’re something else. They all started grabbing things to help him out. I was laughing … (((in my mind))) He said it in a nice way, it was kinda funny. He’s an only child and you can tell that he’s had assistance all of his life….his mom. Mommas Boy ((((( in my Lynn Whitfield voice from A Thin Line Between Love and Hate)))) LOL I’ll get the full story when I talk to him.

As you all know I’m working on my ANGER ISSUES… As I was watching Basketball Wives Tami called over a Life Coach to help her identify with her issues of why she doesn’t like when people put their fingers in her face. When she say.. she will pop you… please believe it. But when she learned that it comes from childhood issues….. it really amazed her. She said that her mother use to do it to her… which told me “she felt some kinda way” about it. I wonder in which way did her mom use it. It had to be in a way that made her not able to defend herself… and now that she’s grown.. she’s not dealing with the hand thing. Which takes me back to my issues of people who manipulate, bullying, talking any kind of way to others. Whewww just makes my FOREHEAD HOT. Takes me back to my dad on that. Speaking of my dad, he hasn’t talked to me in over a month. How you not talk to your daughter/child in over a month? Im so use to it… doesn’t even move me any more. Everyone in the family get along, we never ever fall out or get into it. NEVER EVER… But my dad has done so much manipulating to my mom and us when we were growing up, his guilt has caught up with him in his own mind. We are so over it… we love him, and has moved on from the past. He loves POWER… so to make himself feel as if he “still has it”…. and he knows how we all feel about being a family, having disagreements and KEEPING IT MOVING…. this is how he tends to hold on to it. My daughter told him TONIGHT… if he doesn’t call me before 9pm she is not talking to him for a month((( she was just playing.. but he doesn’t know it)))… Oh he wont be able to take that. Its funny how he LOVES the grand kids * the baby being 17* but he doesn’t get along with his kids. Now if we were low down kids, we would tell our kids NOT TO TALK TO HIM… but were not like that. Who wants their kids not to talk to their granddad? What grand kid enjoys their granddad not talking to their mom? Anyway….. to be honest I have enjoyed this month away from him… because after a week or 2, he’ll find something else to nick pick sabotaging that. SMH

Since living alone….. I see so much I have dealt with concerning people, even friends, that I’m not dealing with the mess anymore. Stuff that I ignored or didn’t care about….. has really caught up with me to see. People I shouldn’t have NEVER met. People I wish I didn’t have any memory of… yeah that bad. But my brother wired me up real good, and it won’t happen again.. TRUST THAT!!!

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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