Women in the workplace…..Cree’s Blog Entry

dramafreeSo, today I want to talk to the ladies….. men you can read this too. *smile*.

Why are women so full of gossip and jealousy? Why can’t we just go to work TO WORK… then go home to a PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE? Because let me say this…. if you come to work as a peaceful person, trust me, your home is too. If you’re the type that’s ALWAYS in the office (((ABOUT ANYTHING))) running behind management, can’t wait for a break just to share gossip that happened… stop that!!! It looks a MESS. And please tell me why do (((some))) women do everything in their power to be SEEN. They have to talk the loudest, walk pass you 1000 times, tell everybody what they just bought, and make it known who THEY LIKE/ likes THEM in the building. The funny part is, the more I sit at the table and turn my attention to my phone, or stare in the air, the more they want me TO HEAR THEM, AND RE DIRECT MY ATTENTION TO THEM. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

LOL So I say that to say….don’t give in to that type of pressure. Once you listen to one story, then you’ll be *invited* to all the gossip sessions. I don’t like that. Tell me a story… cool… but when it becomes a personal attack…I keeps it moving.

Another thing that women do….. ((((some)))) if they have a problem with a member of management or another co-worker, they will sit around a bunch of others who will listen to their story… instead of going to the person involved. Why do women do that? The people you’re telling the story too cant help you…. why even let anyone in on a situation that they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to change? After a while the story becomes gossip filled, and full of opinions. Always go to the “root” of your problems.

I had an issue with a coworker last week, and when I went to her to address it…..she told everyone about it. Made me ANGRY… * but I did good*. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told them first. I guess she did that because she needed someone to talk too…. but for me that’s a way to get me upset. Too many opinions, will geek up someone to say or do something they wouldn’t normally do. Anyway, yesterday was the last straw….she knew she was wrong, but still she feels “some kinda way about it”. She CRIED told everyone who would listen… so today she made some changes… and next week things should be back to normal. If I wrote out the story… YALL WOULD BE MAD!!! LOL LOL TRUST ME.

Oh well…. I just washed a load, about to chill before sleep. I’m making some chili for dinner tomorrow….haven’t had that in a long time.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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