Kids….Oh they’re going to get it one way or another…. Cree’s Blog Entry

dont ask for nothingToday as I sat with the Dean of Students who is also a DETROIT POLICE OFFICER * with his fione self* I listened to him speak to two MALE students about growing up. I LOVE when a MAN talk to another MALE STUDENT. They seem to listen and give attention to that kind of authority. They’re so BLESSED to have MEN in position with the MENTALITY to even want to deal with them. Some of them get it, and some don’t. This one gurl told this officer with an attitude … “yall act like yall our parents”. I heard it and said “OH HONEY trust me we’re not your parents…… but WE ARE your uncles and aunts”. She laughed, BUT she got the point. 

I don’t think they understand… most of us have children who are grown and doing well. I told this one student…. “gurl this job didn’t knock on our door and ask us to work”…. WE APPLIED TO THIS JOB… which means we want to see you do good, we want to be apart of your growth, we want to work here. I said…. I could be at home right now sitting on the couch, painting my nails and eating steaks. I told her “We are NOT your enemy”. They laugh at my examples, but they love them, because they get it. When I speak… I make them see a MENTAL VISUAL PICTURE/MOVIE in their minds of what I’m saying. That’s the only way they are going to get it, is by visualizing my words… and that’s why I’m so good at what I do. 

I was talking to one of the male students yesterday about how many times do we have to keep telling him to go to class!! I said if Dr. King ( Principal) have to keep telling me over and over and over again to do something….. I said I’ll grab my keys and leave. I told him I would never want to be told something over and over again. I asked him…. what do you like about us telling you to go to class every hour…. don’t you get tired of hearing that? MY GOODNESS!!! 

When I was growing up… my momma told us ONE time…. go and wash dishes. You didn’t sit there until your favorite part went off on the TV… you got your but up and washed those dishes. My momma had this look, and you knew what it meant. My daddy did too. They were parents who backed each other up, and not tried to be “friends” with us. You didn’t play one against the other…..that was a whopping itself. Back then you didn’t want any PROBLEMS with your parents… you were scared of the consequences. 

SOME of These kids these days…. they don’t listen. They don’t care and they’re not scared of anyone or anything. Parents want to be “cool” and be “friends” with their kids. And another thing I learned too is this… and its HUGE. When parents were younger, many of them grew up NOT LIKING AT ALL, that their parents had friends who told them about their kids. So when those kids grew up, they MADE SURE THAT…… YOUR CHILD IS YOUR BUSINESS…. AND MINES IS MY BUSINESS. Those same ones got whopping’s growing up, and said WHEN I HAVE KIDS… THEY WILL NOT GET THEM…. and this is part of the reason why kids are off the hook in 2013. And they’re the ones on the NEWS crying somebody killed their “good child”. 

I’m very proud of Mr. Tyler Perry giving $100.00.00 to a School in Georgia for uniforms. We must set the example of giving. Great Deed. 

Be Blessed 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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