Pages of my Diary………………………… Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1329Pages of my Diary…. June 5-6 2001 12:19 am

Hello God

What’s going on Boo? Well thank you for being by my side just like you promised. Ill never forget that….. I love you!

Woke up this morning Anna *neighbor* car out of gas in front of the house. Her brother came with some gas. So she and Neishia * daughter* was tight.

Stayed up made dinner early. I ate at 10:30 this morning. Went to sleep until time to get Neishia. scan0001

Rodney* boyfriend at the time* called and told me he was coming over, He came, then Marto * baby daddy* pulled up and gave Neishia $55.00 for her hair. So tomorrow I’m going to get her a perm and shampoo. She have a 1/2 day tomorrow and Wednesday they take finals. So we’ll start on her hair tomorrow. martonenecree

Work was tight today. ….finished at 11:35 or so. Rodney at first couldn’t get his car started just like Anna. He was looking cute so was Marto. They shook hands and spoke.

Ralph * boss at that time* called again with his mess. Didn’t pay him much attention, things are fine today. Called Janine* my hair stylist of 23 years* and Tuesday 10:30 is my app day * for hair* So. I need to make out a schedule for this weekend and next.janine hair dresser

Sat- check ( bank), eyes nails, meijer
Subject to change!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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