Living Off Script/BLOG

It’s snowing here badly in Michigan. We are expecting 4-7 inches. I’m up thinking and writing. I can’t wait till Spring gets here. I’m so tired of this weather.  I’m ready to get out there and do something different.

It’s time I start living off script. Everything I do is by schedule.  Every day I do things by the way I have always did them. I’m ready to just get up and go, do things spontaneously.

I am a very outgoing person. A person with a huge personality and everything has to be planned out with me all the time. I won’t just get up and go on a dinner date it has to be pre-planned and I’m tired of that. I want to be ready at all times not by MY BOOK! I’m ready to live.

It’s funny because I make myself sick some time with this behavior. It’s like I have to be in control of what I do and nothing can get in the way of my schedule. I just learned that about myself.

My mother needed to go to her doctor to have her stitches removed from her knee, but, I worked that morning. I wanted her to switch days because I didn’t want to be tired. She told me you can do it, you won’t be tired, and you’re going to take me. I was so shocked and it was funny at the same time. I took her, and it only took an hour and when I got home I didn’t go to sleep for another 12 hours plus straight. I wasn’t sleepy.

I’m excited about this year and me Living Off Script. I’m tired of living by MY own book, I’m switching it up. I believe God has something special for me and how can I receive it living the way I have?

I’m ready Lord!

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