Imagine Me 9 (I’m lost without you)

Praise God for another day!!!! Hugs and kisses to you Jesus!


Today was a very good day.  I made up my mind that it was time to dry all my tears, collect lessons learned, and move on to what I’m here to do. This time in my life, it was one of the biggest lessons that lead to many other things that God has for me. I can’t cry anymore, its time to work. I may not get something right off all the time, but the urgency in the message forced me to Seek God. I’m very grateful for everything.


I surrender to God everything. I’m tired of walking around in the Wilderness. I come to realize just what God has been telling me for as long as I can remember, I can’t get attached to anyone. I’m to be moving at all times. Yesterday my best male friend called me, and he was telling me about whats going on with him and his girlfriend. I listened, Ministered to him, and I heard God say…….. okay Lacrease cut it short. Cause see I’ll stay on the phone with him, and then our conversation will end up all over the place. I’m learning to keep it pushing. Its hard when you’re friendly and don’t mind talking while holding their hand. As I’m learning to “keep in moving”, I can use my energy to reach others. I love talking to people, but I’m learning it has to be Ministry Minded only. I can no longer stop and chill, I have to keep rolling. I talk with so  many different people, on so many different things, and it can drain me sometimes, so the idle chat……must stop. I have to accept the fact, that I can’t go with the flow of everyone else. I always knew this tho. Maybe that’s why I have the best sisters in the world!!! Yea!!! LOL. 


 Anyway, it’s almost time to fly  to Atlanta!!! Next Thursday morning, I’m outta here!! I gotta hit me a Jazz Club when I get there. I wanna hear me some Live music, with some grown folks ONLY! I’m not ready for the heat, but thinking about it, its hot here in Detroit. I guess I’ll be aiight. I’m mostly excited about my mom seeing Atlanta, for the first time. I’m trying to get her to move there with me. I’ll see how she feels about it when she gets there. hehehe. I’ve been wanting to move there for 17-18 years. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I’m also waiting to see what Blessings will flow for me.


Hmmmmmm. Lakers won Ughh……  Congratulations to them! I’m sleepy, so I’m off to bed!! More tomorrow.



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