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Today was a great day. It was one of those quiet days. Last night I went to bed early just then 2 Guns came on with Denzel Washington. I had never seen it at the movies.. it was good too. I was dosing off, so I recorded it and finished watching it today. I did wash my hair, I have to put my lashes on in the morning. I guess my family isn’t doing anything tomorrow. Wednesday is  Neisha and I Birthday, so my family have something going on for us… we shall see what it is.

I kinda wanted to go to Belle Isle today.. that island is so peaceful. I try to go at least 3-4 times a week. The area I go to is the James Scott Fountain. When I got home last night, I googled him.. because I wanted to know more about him. This is what I found.. plus photos. 


The James Scott Memorial Fountain is a monument located in Belle Isle Park, in Detroit, Michigan. The fountain honors the controversial James Scott, who left $200,000 to the City of Detroit for a fountain in tribute to himself.  

Scott was left a sizable fortune by his father who invested in Detroit real estate. According to contemporaries, Scott gambled and told off-color stories. He was described by twentieth-century author W. Hawkins Ferry as vindictive and a misanthrope who attempted to intimidate his business competitors and when this was unsuccessful, he filed suit. Perhaps for these reasons, Scott died in 1910 with no heirs or colleagues and he bequeathed his estate to the City of Detroit with the condition that the fountain include a life-sized statue of him. Some accounts state that the will required that the statue be at the fountain’s pinnacle.

[1]Several community and religious leaders spoke against accepting the bequest saying that a person with Scott’s reputation should not be immortalized in the city. Mayor Philip Breitmeyer and City Council President David Heineman urged accepting the gift saying that the city shouldn’t insult any of its citizens by refusing such a generous offer.[2]

While the debate raged, Scott’s fortune continued to grow and by the time construction commenced it topped $1 million.[2] The final design placed Scott’s statue in an inconspicuous spot behind the fountain.

The Scott Memorial Fountain is the jewel of Belle Isle – and a monument to a womanizing scoundrel.

Socialite James Scott was said to have been lazy, eccentric, a prankster and a real rapscallion. He had inherited his money from his father — a successful real estate tycoon — and spent his days not working like the rest of his fellow Detroiters, but often gambling it away and being an all around man about town. He also made shrewd real estate investments that only added to his fortune. But he was a perpetual bachelor and frequently entertained women of “less moral fiber.” In his “The Buildings of Detroit: A History,” William Hawkins Ferry writes that Scott “had the reputation for being a vindictive, scurrilous misanthrope. … His enemies were legion, for he seemed to delight in feuds, lawsuits and practical jokes.”

When he died in 1910, his vast estate was left to the city to build a monument for the people. Of course, his gift came with a catch: The city also had to erect a life-size statue of himself. The issue would be locked in bitter debate for years.




Had a great time with MOM AND DAD/Ramblings (((BLOG))))


Today was good day… my dad took me, Nesha and my momma to lunch at their favorite restaurant. They go all the time, today was my first time. The food was so good….I finally got to see what all the talk was about. After wards we went to Belle Isle to sit at the fountain and to take in the beautiful sun and breeze. I have a tan out of this world… on one side of my body. LOL We sat there for at least 3 hours. The ice cream truck came we sat and at ice cream and had a very good time. Life is about living and enjoying your family and friends. Afterwards we went riding Downtown. Many of the streets were blocked off, because of the Jazz Festival . Parking is $20.00 on up…. yes…. they’re making a killin too.

We had a good time together. My dad use to always get mad at me , but since my mom moved into his building on another floor, he says he’s happy because he gets to be around his family more. He was so mean and it was hard being around him, but for the last few months, its been a pleasure to be around him. I come to the conclusion concerning people that…. they are who they are…. you can either ask God to help you “understand” their ways so that you can best get along with them, or not be bother with that person. I get along with people, because I understand that we’re all different. I respect the differences and I love everyone. Things I’m not feeling about a person… I don’t deal with. I don’t want to argue fuss or fight with anyone… I just want to have nice conversations and that’s it. God knows my heart.

I need to start my walking back up.. OMG. I gained a few pounds and I don’t like that at all. So after the Holiday…. its back on and poppin. I love to walk, so that will be a breeze. Okay.. I’m rambling… I’ll be back tomorrow.



Had a conversation with him….finally/One day at at time….. ((((BLOG)))))

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This morning I went to Belle Isle just to sit in front of the fountain to think and spend time with God. After a while it got hot… LOL. So many things go through my mind.


I was talking to someone about this guy I like, and she asked me have we talked to find out if he was a Christian and had a good work ethics. After finally talking to him today for a long time.. He is single!!! I really really like him, we have so much in common. We learned a lot about each other, and when he told me that 4 of his employees liked me… I KNEW IT.. but I didn’t know he knew. LOL I don’t like those guys, we speak chat a little and that’s it. I think they like the way I carry myself. I don’t have attitudes, and I’m always speaking and have nice things to say.


This morning, I was in the elevator with one of the guys who works in the building, so happen he walked me to my car… because he was going to his. We talked about the free KEM concert last night. He had a great time and asked me did I go. I don’t even know this guy name… the other ones either. They are really nice guys, but I was very happy to have several hours of great conversation with my new friend. I’m so glad my friend told me that I should have a talk with him. Can’t wait to see how this goes. You know I’m thinking about him, because its 1:50 am, and we just got off the phone.


I’m trying to decide I’ll be moving from this apartment. I really LOVE it here, but rent is gone up almost $200.00 YES!!! IKR.. they are doing renovations to all the apartments.. What I do like is… everything is included. I don’t like having to pay water and light bills, so I’ll just have to really think about it. I want to face the Detroit River, but the side I’m on, is so breezy in the daytime… I love that. In the winter time, its freezing on the other side. LOL Anyway…. I have decisions.


There are a few people in my life that are really pushing my buttons. I know how COLD and CUT THROAT.. I can be when I disconnect to people, and LORD JESUS …. I’m trying not to go there. For some people you just can’t be nice too.. They don’t get nice… I pray for myself in this area… not only that… but I’m scared for what I may say…. and how I do it. I’m really scared. I promise myself to take one day at a time. ONE DAY AT A TIME CREE. LOL


ALRIGHT YALL…. feeling good from this conversation…


Be Blessed


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou