Had a conversation with him….finally/One day at at time….. ((((BLOG)))))

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This morning I went to Belle Isle just to sit in front of the fountain to think and spend time with God. After a while it got hot… LOL. So many things go through my mind.


I was talking to someone about this guy I like, and she asked me have we talked to find out if he was a Christian and had a good work ethics. After finally talking to him today for a long time.. He is single!!! I really really like him, we have so much in common. We learned a lot about each other, and when he told me that 4 of his employees liked me… I KNEW IT.. but I didn’t know he knew. LOL I don’t like those guys, we speak chat a little and that’s it. I think they like the way I carry myself. I don’t have attitudes, and I’m always speaking and have nice things to say.


This morning, I was in the elevator with one of the guys who works in the building, so happen he walked me to my car… because he was going to his. We talked about the free KEM concert last night. He had a great time and asked me did I go. I don’t even know this guy name… the other ones either. They are really nice guys, but I was very happy to have several hours of great conversation with my new friend. I’m so glad my friend told me that I should have a talk with him. Can’t wait to see how this goes. You know I’m thinking about him, because its 1:50 am, and we just got off the phone.


I’m trying to decide I’ll be moving from this apartment. I really LOVE it here, but rent is gone up almost $200.00 YES!!! IKR.. they are doing renovations to all the apartments.. What I do like is… everything is included. I don’t like having to pay water and light bills, so I’ll just have to really think about it. I want to face the Detroit River, but the side I’m on, is so breezy in the daytime… I love that. In the winter time, its freezing on the other side. LOL Anyway…. I have decisions.


There are a few people in my life that are really pushing my buttons. I know how COLD and CUT THROAT.. I can be when I disconnect to people, and LORD JESUS …. I’m trying not to go there. For some people you just can’t be nice too.. They don’t get nice… I pray for myself in this area… not only that… but I’m scared for what I may say…. and how I do it. I’m really scared. I promise myself to take one day at a time. ONE DAY AT A TIME CREE. LOL


ALRIGHT YALL…. feeling good from this conversation…


Be Blessed


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

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