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Entertainment, Business, Women and Teens

Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

Entertainment- When I was 14 years old I was IN LOVE with Prince. I told my mom when he come to Detroit, I wanted to be there. She took me, not once, but twice. What a dream come true. Ever since then I fell in love with Entertainment. Not only was I enjoying Prince, but I love the live experience, the back ground singers, and especially the musicians. I love the way it made me feel. I felt so alive. When I moved out on my own I started going to more and more concerts. I would win concert tickets off the radio, and when I went to pick up my tickets, I met a wonderful Radio Personality for WJLB name Janet G. She was so nice and sweet to me. I love her to this day!!! There were many times when she would call me down and she would just give me concert tickets, that was often. I believe that she played a huge role in me loving entertainment as much as I do. I enjoyed going to see the Male Dancers as well 4-5 times a week, just to see them do routines fast and slow.

I missed a lot of concerts waiting on others to go with me, or to get their money together, so I started going alone. It was hard in the beginning. I started buying tickets without telling anyone. Seem like every time I went with others, I was getting seats way in the back, but when I went alone I was sitting in rows 1-5….. every time. I went to several plays before I knew who Tyler Perry was, but when I went to one that was terrible…. I vowed to never, ever go see another play again. I also enjoyed comedy. At concerts and plays I started paying more attention to what was going on back stage than what I came to see. I wanted to be apart of a backstage crew. I enjoy planning and how things came together. I absolutely LOVE ENTERTAINMENT. To name a few of my favorite concerts and plays that I’ve attended would be…… Anita Baker, The Late Great Gerald Levert, Barry White and Luther Vandross, Karen Clark-Sheard, Shirley Caesar, Missy, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson. Destiny Child, Kelly Price, Jill Scott, Chante Moore, Maxwell, and Tyler Perry. Too many to name. I know for a fact, that Entertainment is apart of my calling.

Business- I LOVE taking care of business. I love to hear YES… in all my business ventures. Sometimes I push it , but its all good. When I was in my 20’s I learned how to speak well over the phone and in person to get my way. My family and friends would call me and have me to pretend to be them because they were nervous. I’m good over the phone, but face to face .. IM EVERYTHING. Seem like I can never get my way through email because I come off too persistent, and people LOVE to tell me No because they can’t see me. It started for me when I was a young gurl, my mom would make business calls and they would always tell her No, or make her have to do all of these unnecessary steps. Sometimes I felt that they sense that she was nervous about handling her business * which she was*, and they always gave her the hardest time. That bothered me. So, I made sure that when I became an adult, that wasn’t going to happen to me. Just tonight she called me and gave me a phone number to call in the morning so that I can take care of her business for her.

I learned that you have to have all your questions written down before you make calls. You have to speak with authority and know what you want. You can’t be afraid to ask question. Its your business, and you should feel comfortable asking whatever you want and need to know. I put together a lot of things, and in order to do this, I have to make these kinds of calls. If I have to see them in person….. that’s even better. I know for a fact, that the business is apart of my calling.

Women and Teens- I’ve always had a connection to them I learned to keep secrets at a young age, and it was needed in order to gain the trust of women and teens. No matter how deep the story is, God has always given me the tolerance to hear all kinds of unbelievable stories. I use to cry a lot when I’d hear the stories because they would be so devastating. But over the years God has strengthen me in this area where I’m able to listen and not take it personal. I’ve put together many Women’s Gathering, where we get personal, talk about God, and discuss how to deal with issues in relationships. I’ve worked in Detroit Public Schools for over 9 years total and I loved it. When my book is released, I know so many women will read it and change their lives. I know for a fact, that Women and Teens are apart of my calling.

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Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 3 ~ La’Crease’s Blog

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Communication, Personality, Keeping it moving

Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

Communication– I found out early in life that when I spoke…. people listened. I never found myself to be an interesting person at all, but I knew that the way I expressed myself in Honesty and in Truth people trusted me. When I speak, I aim to get right to the point. I learned that in order to be a great communicator, you have to use different tones of voice. My dad use to always scream at us to get his point across, and I HATED THAT. So when I had my daughter, I screamed at her. But what I found out is, just like me, she didn’t require that tone of voice. She was just like me a gentle gurl, all we needed was to be told once, in a nice tone of voice and we got the point. I’m glad I learned that before she got in her teens. Because there’s no telling how her communications skills would be today. I thought I was good at communicating, she may have me beat….. and I’m good!!!

When dealing with people, communication is one of my best traits. I always make sure my facial expression is approachable. That’s very important because who wants to hold a conversation with someone whose face is twisted and unpleasant? It goes both ways, when I want something, and I have to approach a person in charge, I always make sure my smile is on, and my body language and face expression is not defensive. That’s important because these are people who are in position to give you either an answer you’re looking for, or one you have to negotiate. I have gotten myself out of plenty of situations by being able to communicate and use facts that will give me a desired out come. I use to feel that you have to “get with people” in order to get what you want. I found out very quickly that people who have attitudes, have the most drama stories to share. My goal in life is to have the most success stories to share. I know for a fact, that communication is apart of my calling.


Personality– Growing up, I felt that I was a complete “nerd”. I was always in my room alone reading. But when I got in my 20’s, I knew I had a huge personality when, if there was 9 of us in the room, I would get into it with all 9 people before the night was over. LOL That’s bad. I didn’t know how to control my mouth, or my behavior. All I knew was that I had this huge personality, and for some reason when the night was over, I knew how to make up with EVERY person in the room. And I did…. every single time. I admit my personality always got me in trouble with my family, friends, and my jobs. I had no control of something so powerful. My strong personality got me in trouble, but my even stronger communication skills got me out of it. Once I knew I had these gifts, I started using them for good. Not to argue or debate with anyone, but to inspire, uplift and encourage people. I combine my gifts to be a great listener by using Godly wisdom, and reading my bible daily. I knew how to love and to receive love because that’s all my parents showed me growing up. By reading and writing, I studied the behavior of people, and by communicating I was able to get things in my FAVOR. Once I realized the Power my personality had, I wanted to do right. I wanted to be a better person because people listened to me. They wanted me in their presence. I made them smile, laugh and look at life in a different light. When before I made them angry and mad at me. I lost a lot of friends and jobs because of my personality, and I’m still learning.

When I was in my teens I would read my bible every day. I was addicted to the stories and to the Love God have for us. I would find interesting Scriptures and write them down, go through the white pages and mail them to people. I have this desire to see people go to Heaven (((make it))), then and more especially now. When I moved out on my own, I had more money to buy postage stamps. I never told anyone, I just did it. I would pray over the stack, and take them to the mailbox which was at the corner of my apartment. I know for a fact, that having a strong personality is apart of my calling.

Keep it Moving– This is one gift that I knew I had, but hated using it. I associated it with being mean or funny acting. But I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, knew that it was needed to go with my personality. I now realize that I attract a lot of people, and for the people who aren’t good for me…. I need the gift of keeping it moving. I have absolutely no problems with letting people go. It takes my two Sisters to sit and tell this story about me. They say I don’t give chances I just cut people off. I do give chances, they just see when I’m done. God has always, always showed me who was for me and was not, it was always my choice to keep them in the picture. I always knew that when I cut you off, it was a WRAP!!! IM DONE.

I love people, but I’m not attached to anyone on this earth. God gave me the Entrance to Love everyone, but he also showed me the Exit to keep it moving. ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES TOO. I know for a fact, that the gift of keeping it moving is apart of my calling.

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Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life ~~ La’Crease’s Blog

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Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

As I sat long and hard about this, having to go back and remember things in my childhood, I can say that it was quite fun. I was amazed at how much I realized that the things that I’m good at today, started a LONG TIME AGO. God had already put these things inside of me, and all this time it was growing. These are the things that I have remembered growing up. I hope that you do this exercise as well.

The Lord- I can remember being on punishments in my room reading the Bible and becoming fascinated with God and all the things that was recorded. It was then at around 13 or 14 when I built a relationship with him and started hearing his voice loud and clear. He spoke to me all the time, telling me things before they would happen. I remember feeling so special everyday, like we were the only ones in the world. Being in my room all the time with no one to talk to, he filled that void. I remember reading about how wise Solomon was, and how I wanted to have wisdom someday. So everyday I would pray, and pray, and pray, and pray, and pray about it. Its so funny thinking back on those days being so young and wanting to have wisdom but I was serious. I truly know for a fact that he has Blessed me with Wisdom and Discernment.

Love- I grew up with a very loving family. We’re even closer in our adult life. My parents planted in us over and over again, that family is not suppose to fight. We could argue and debate, but when its over, we had to hug, kiss and make up right there on the spot in front of everyone. We hated that. Never knowing that it would play a huge part of who I am today. I’m not a person who holds grudges or is revengeful. When I was 17 I was raped and became very angry and hateful. But as time went on, God was there in my heart to restored the Love I had for people. The Love I have also caused me to connect to people that I had no business connecting with, and still till this day, I struggle with that because of the way I grew up. Love causes me to open my heart to the things that we go through as children of God. I believe with all my heart that the Love my parents taught me to have with my siblings, goes hand in hand with my calling. These are important things that I need to complete my purpose in life.

Writing and Reading- Growing up, I would be in my room or in the corner somewhere reading, and writing down my thoughts. I love to visualize things and bring them to life with my way of thinking. I always had a way of making people see things in a different light with my examples. I always get the reaction of ” I never looked at it that way”. I remember whatever I was reading, I had to pause and visualize it in my mind for several minutes . I would read a story and put faces and personalities to the story to bring it to life. My siblings and friends use to always talk about me, as they were outside playing. It bothered me when they did that, because no one understood me. In my 20’s I wrote a love story based on thoughts in my mind about how I would meet my husband. I realized recently that the reason why I hate talking over the phone is because I enjoy writing down my thoughts more. Recently I got serious about writing a book about my testimony within the last 2 years. Even though its hard to revisit many things about it, these important Life Lessons we all can learn from.

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Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

“Instinct” Stirring Up The Gifts Inside Of You- LaCrease’s Blog

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I absolutely love the teachings of Bishop TD Jakes and have seen him several times LIVE at my Church Second Ebenezer for our April Breakthrough Services. If I had the money, I would fly to Dallas Texas every Saturday to be in the services on Sunday morning. Recently he taught on the subject of ” Instinct” and “Transformation   Thinking”. He mentioned learning about the gifts inside of you. What is your purpose on earth? He said that God has already equipped us to do the work, and challenged us to go back in our childhood and pull out of things that we enjoy doing. We will find that everything is already inside of us. So I decided to sit and think hard about the things I did then that I enjoy doing now. I’m going to pray on it, and if you’re reading this, you should do it with me. I think it’ll be fun!!!! Tomorrow, I’ll be back to get it started.

“It is time for you to step into your purpose and your destiny, in fact many people have been delayed because they’ve spent their life fulfilling somebody’s else’s dream.” -Bishop TD Jakes

Be Blessed!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy