God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG


The following year, my daughter entered High School. She had a good 4 years, graduated, then decided that she would take a year off from school. That didn’t sit well with me at all. I wanted her to go straight to college because I know sometimes when kids take a year off, its hard to get back into the grove. But my baby was determined to go to college. She told me that she was tired, and that she really needed that time off.  I respect that, she broke it down and I got it. I didn’t want her to start a job either, because I KNEW that if she started working, it was a chance that she would get use to the money and never start college. That was happening to so many kids at the time. I made sure she didn’t need for anything.

Often times Nesha  and I would talk about that night God told me that I was getting in the way with my foolishness of who she was going to be. I was very conscience of everything I did, said, and exposed her to.  As I’m watching her grow up, I’m watching GOD work in her life. I’m watching every step of the way with excitement in my heart… asking just what is HE using my baby for? We both wanted to see where God was leading her, and sometimes its not what WE  have in PLAN.

On her way to an Event for her job

nita 4

She traveled in the summer with her dad, and when Fall came around she was ready for College. She wanted to become a Lawyer, so she went to school, did 4 years, and received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. In her last year she went to work for the 36 District Courts here in Detroit where she worked in Forfeiture. She wanted to learn as much as she  could, so she sat with Judges, Criminal Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers.  She also sat in the court room for every hearing of our former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.  It was a joy to see her on TV everyday.  Knowing in my heart how she felt about being in the presence of a court room and getting a feel of what she wanted to do. She was so well liked and known around the building for her ambition to learn. Several Judges wanted her to leave her department to work for them. She did. But as time passed, she started seeing in the court room how things were done and had a burning desire to help Women, Seniors and Children. She felt as if her need was elsewhere at that time, other than in the court room.

During that time, she helped me to put together The Feeding The Homeless Projects, and also my Youth Group Raisingurls To Women in my home. She enjoyed it and was a big help, more than I could ever explain.

She would always say Momma, I’ll go back to school later to become a Lawyer, but  right now I want to work with Youth and Family Services. I said baby…. this is YOUR LIFE…. you do what you are LEAD to do. She said I just dont want you to be disappointed. I told her NEVER THAT…. I’m just watching God do his work in you, I have raised you, you’re an adult now, you have your own relationship with God, you do what you want to do in life. With my Blessings (( in her heart)) she started working for a Non-Profit Organization. And when I tell you this gurl is doing her thing. I don’t have enough time to share it all. She went right in (( first job)) in 2012 worked her behind off, that THE CEO made her DIRECTOR OF FAMILY GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT !  Yess!!!!  She’s the Supervisor of 6 Clinicians . And I’m looking at God like…… Are you serious? You’re having me to witness all of this? And I’m so happy that he allowed me to share with her that night at 12 years old, that it was all about her. My foolishness had to end, so that I could focus on her, and raise her up, so that she could be used by him. What JOY I FEEL AS I WRITE THIS. THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU LORD.

Photo of her at 4 years old


I don’t get a chance to see her work in person, and I have to make her tell me stories about what she does. She believes in helping others and not so much talking about it. But for me, its about seeing what God was talking about. Thanking him for getting me together so that I could raise her properly. So she shares some. But last week, I got to see for myself. We had planned to do a little shopping and get something to eat after she was done at work. She told me to pick her up at 5:00 but someone called and needed food and personal items because she didn’t have anything to feed her son. I told her that I would be there EARLY anyway (( I wanted to see the person)), the young lady jumped out of the passenger side of the truck and ran in the building. My daughter hand her this huge box full of food and items. It made me cry. This lady hugged my daughter so tight and kept Thanking her. I sat in the car saying to myself God, this is what you were telling me? Seeing my daughter help someone who had NO FOOD FOR HER SON… just did something to me. I thought my daughter would be putting criminals in jail, she’s putting food on the table for those we are in need. It made me cry, seeing this in person. She was just 12 years old, here she is 30 and I’m just in awe of God.


This week she started school again!!!! She wants to go higher in her field. She wants to be a Therapist, its funny because they say Criminal Justice cross paths with it, so now to her it make sense why she switched off from wanting to be a Lawyer. Her boss told her, go to school….. bring me the bill! Wow amazing!  

When I tell you my daughter takes care of me…… it brings tears to my eyes. The gifts, the thoughts, the appreciation is over whelming sometimes. Because all I wanted was for her do what SHE wanted to do, and for me to see WHAT IS ALL THIS GOD WAS TALKING ABOUT. I SEE IT FOR MYSELF… Never in a million years when I did my Feeding The Homeless Projects  that she was watching in the background. Never knew that what she was helping me with… SHE RUNS AND DIRECTS. Below is her being honored here in Detroit by city officials, and other members and staff personal all over the city. It blew my mind to hear all of these kind words, and to REMEMBER WHAT GOD REVEALED TO ME THAT NIGHT!  And there is so much to come, and if The Lord say the same.. He’ll let me be here to SEE IT! AMEN!

ALSO, A Happy Happy Birthday to HER today (( 31)) September 3.. and I turned 50 TODAY AS WELL!

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Out of My Comfort Zone Crees Blog Entry

2011-11-06 16-17-50.514
Sitting here thinking about my life. Who would have guessed it would be this way? No…… not that its bad. What I mean is……God knows me… so well…. LOL He knew if someone had asked me the end of 2012, would I have moved out of my 4 bedroom brick home for the life I have now? My answer would be NO. Never in a million years.
See…. that’s the beauty in God.
He knew that if I had a peek into my NOW future, that I would have stayed in my comfort zone. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it.
I have “narrow down” my closet of friendships that does not fit me at this time in my life. I have realized that I have changed in my way of thinking, and looking at things. God is moving me forward and preparing me for something GREAT. I feel it. I know it. I’m being prepared for GREATNESS. I’ve been tried in every arena this last year and a half. If I think about it too hard.. I’ll either cry or FLEX my muscles. LOL God has really moved me COMPLETLY out of my comfort zone. I cannot go back to life as I once knew it. I can never get so comfortable that its hard to “move” again. I am officially on the move. I am no longer doing things LaCreasea’s way. I am no longer in charge. God has made that CLEAR to me. All I can do right now… is throw my hands up and surrender. And as “tired” as I am fighting…. I GLADLY SURRENDER.         *smiling*
For a woman such as myself… who has always been in charge… this is really… I MEAN REALLY a humble beginning. I have totally surrendered myself to the fact where I am blindfolded, walking with a cane, and God holding my right arm. I can’t even explain this like I want to… some will get it. God has shown me that everything I have asked for he gave to me. Jobs, homes, my one and only daughter, the best friends, the best parents, the best sisters and brother. I’ve never been without.
God has truly been good to me. I can never Thank him enough for sending someone special into my life. This person has told me time and time again these things that’s going on right now. Um um um… smh.. I didn’t get any of it then.  But I get it now. Still learning.
Be Blessed

 Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Question……………….Crees Blog Entry


Someone on my FB page ask this question: Have you ever asked yourself; “Am I being a good role model to those whom admire me?” That’s a question everyone should ask themselves. Before I post anything on FB or Twitter, I ask myself.. what message will they get, am I angry right now, will I please God? I admit I can be quite VERBAL on Twitter, and I noticed that and for now on… I will take a few minutes to regroup myself from posting things that are done out MY EMOTIONS. People are paying attention to what you post. Whatever is in your post… it first came out of your heart.

I learned that if I’m angry about something, If I just give myself about 20 minutes to calm down… then what I was going to post I WONT EVEN POST ANYMORE. I LOVE that about God. But if you want to be seen, heard, or even felt, your EMOTIONS will override God’s voice, and your stats will always be full of ANGER AND RAGE, UNNECESSARY BRAGGING, AND IGNORANT CONVERSATIONS. If you don’t believe me….. scroll down and check your last 10 stats. Remember people are on FB for either one or two things, to be Spiritually Fed, or to be Nosey. Just know we ALL have BAD days.. we ALL go through… we ALL get mad and angry….. but the person who can control their EMOTIONS are the ones who are most ADMIRED.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Money can’t buy you everythang… LADY….Crees Blog Entry

kid to saveHeeeeey,

Its been a minute but ………IM HERE!!!!

I didn’t know why then, but ever since I was a young gurl I’ve always studied the behavior of people. I believe I did it because people would make me SO UPSET by the way they treated others. Instead of getting upset, I decided to STUDY why people did the things they did. This has also helped me to understand the thought process of a child. It is GOD GIVEN trust me, no school could ever teach me what God gave to me naturally. In having this gift it has helped me to understand what people go through, and how they come to the conclusion they do in life. With that said…. read this story.

This lady I work with she’s about 57 and has everything you can think of. She and her husband owns a night club, MANY rental properties, car wash, hair salon* aint no telling what else* they both drive nice trucks and have one grown son with a wife and family. I love this lady, and I truly don’t believe that she knows half the stuff she says that MAKES THE OTHERS want to scratch the chalk board non stop. LOL I have to write about her, because there are many others out there just like her. Its sad… so sad.. but hopefully this will make you ask yourself….Am I this woman?

My coworker wants EVERYTHING MONEY CANT BUY. Instead of her saying to herself…. Okay… I can buy that on my own, so I won’t take it… she will anyway. She says she does it because.. SHE PAYS TAXES AND HAVE A RIGHT TO get things free. Every month there is this fruit truck and many other things on it, that if you pull up, sign your name while they load up your car… its yours free. The school we work at is in a poor neighborhood and many people drive up and get these things because they need them. She asked me why aren’t you going to get a food box? I told her let people who need it get it, we don’t need it. I said there may be times in life when we may need it, and then you wont feel bad about having to get it. If she has to ever be in this position to have to get these things… I BET SHE WONT EVEN GET THEM.. BECAUSE SHE’S TOO PROUD. When you brag about things you have, and then they’re taken away from you… you feel bad about having to have to get it. But to take from those people who can’t afford it IS A DAYUM SHAME. That bothers me so bad. Then I ask her… what do you do what that stuff, because you don’t need it…. she says… “I give it to my son for my grandsons” *smh*

There is this counselor who dress very nice and every time my coworker sees her, she has to ALWAYS look at what she has on. One day she had on a nice blouse… I told her how pretty it was, don’t you know my coworker ASKED HER where she got it from, and then went out that SAME DAY and bought it? She came to work and talked about it nonstop. and I’m looking at her like are you serious? Friday, our security team ordered some wings from Coney island. My coworker was eating something she had just bought in from a restaurant. When she found out they were ordering food she asked them why didn’t yall ask me to order, they said they didn’t think about it and it would have not been a problem… she turned to me and said…. I’m going up stairs and getting one of those wings as soon as its delivered. And so I said to her…. why would you want a wing ding… she said because they didn’t ask me. WOW WOW WOW. She wants everything HER money cant buy at the time. I never met anyone like this.

We have these carrying cases for your books. And when the kids play games and win, they get it free as a prize. Well she ask one of the teachers can she have one, so they gave it to her. THEN SHE WANTED ANOTHER ONE FOR HER GRANDSON. This is so unreal to me. She can’t sit anything out. She has to have everything that’s not for sale. She asked me for mines, I TOLD HER NO, and I don’t even want mines. We have many different things going on at school, and when someone pulled out the schools camera…. she kept talking about how hers is just like it. It was a long nose Nokia. Now she’s going to bring hers to school. I’m looking at her like gurllllllllllllllllll this is not that serious. The others are fed up with her…. but to me… she’s interesting.

But this is the biggest. The women and men who works in the kitchen often times take home food before it goes bad. And since it can’t be heated or re cooked, they’ll give it away, take it home, or throw it out. She feels that SINCE SHE AND HER HUSBAND PAY MORE TAXES THAN EVERYONE ELSE, THAT …. she’s entitled to have the privileges of taking home food like the kitchen workers. The nerve of her. What they do in the kitchen has nothing to do with her. And what burns her up so bad, is that they ALWAYS ask me what do I WANT? They tell me “Sunshine you don’t have to pay for anything, if you want something TELL ME”. She gets SO mad, and ask what about me? She don’t get that nobody likes when she sit up and brag, when she want some of everything everybody has because she cant buy it. When they call me PRIVATELY in the kitchen…. she watches me like a hawk. She wants to know what they said to me, what are they giving me… then when I come out with something she doesn’t EAT.. she’ll say… I DON’T EAT THAT MESS. But when I come out with something good and she wants it… she’ll say… I’m going back there to see if they have any thing left… I WANT SOME TOO. Her facial expression is ANGRY…. just because they didn’t ask her for anything. Then she’ll pout if she sees all of them eating together and they not offer her FREE LUNCH. One day I bought several kids some candy bars for helping me out….. when one of the students didn’t come to school, she asked me could she have the SNICKER. It killed her that I bought candy bars for the students and not have one for her. IT KILLED HER TO SEE ME PASSING THEM OUT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

I came to the conclusion just by listening to her and not dismissing her behavior. She loves her life, but she’s very ungrateful. She loves to brag, and if someone says that something is nice and pretty… she’ll make sure to run out and get it…..and tell you about it in the morning. She won’t admit how blessed she is until someone shows up and have something she can’t buy….. NO MATTER WHAT. She brags about what she has, and she TRIES HER BEST TO gets things that CANT BE BOUGHT OR SOLD.

Are you this person? Just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to be apart of it, especially if you don’t need it. Save it for those who do. Let people see what you have… DONT BRING IT UP… Keep some things to yourself…. everybody don’t have to know your business just because its true. New Living Translation
Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Proverbs 4:5

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy