Out of My Comfort Zone Crees Blog Entry

2011-11-06 16-17-50.514
Sitting here thinking about my life. Who would have guessed it would be this way? No…… not that its bad. What I mean is……God knows me… so well…. LOL He knew if someone had asked me the end of 2012, would I have moved out of my 4 bedroom brick home for the life I have now? My answer would be NO. Never in a million years.
See…. that’s the beauty in God.
He knew that if I had a peek into my NOW future, that I would have stayed in my comfort zone. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it. He knew it.
I have “narrow down” my closet of friendships that does not fit me at this time in my life. I have realized that I have changed in my way of thinking, and looking at things. God is moving me forward and preparing me for something GREAT. I feel it. I know it. I’m being prepared for GREATNESS. I’ve been tried in every arena this last year and a half. If I think about it too hard.. I’ll either cry or FLEX my muscles. LOL God has really moved me COMPLETLY out of my comfort zone. I cannot go back to life as I once knew it. I can never get so comfortable that its hard to “move” again. I am officially on the move. I am no longer doing things LaCreasea’s way. I am no longer in charge. God has made that CLEAR to me. All I can do right now… is throw my hands up and surrender. And as “tired” as I am fighting…. I GLADLY SURRENDER.         *smiling*
For a woman such as myself… who has always been in charge… this is really… I MEAN REALLY a humble beginning. I have totally surrendered myself to the fact where I am blindfolded, walking with a cane, and God holding my right arm. I can’t even explain this like I want to… some will get it. God has shown me that everything I have asked for he gave to me. Jobs, homes, my one and only daughter, the best friends, the best parents, the best sisters and brother. I’ve never been without.
God has truly been good to me. I can never Thank him enough for sending someone special into my life. This person has told me time and time again these things that’s going on right now. Um um um… smh.. I didn’t get any of it then.  But I get it now. Still learning.
Be Blessed

 Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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