Encouraging Notes/BLOG

    Here are some notes from a book that I’m reading. I found them interesting enough to share. One should become impersonal and learn what each man has to teach him, and soon he would learn his lessons and be free. No man can attract money if he despises it. The attitude of mind,Continue reading “Encouraging Notes/BLOG”

My Personal Testimony Feedback ((should I publish))….. Blog

Hey Family!!! Recently I share with about 100 people my PERSONAL TESTIMONY that happened in the last 2 years. I DID NOT want to share it because it was so close to my heart and I really didn’t want to “go there”. But I’m glad I did. Wow.. never in a million years did IContinue reading “My Personal Testimony Feedback ((should I publish))….. Blog”

Conversations with friends, A Wedding Dance *tissue needed* (((((Blog)))))

  Its a new week already wow! Today I had some great conversations with 2 lovely ladies. I enjoy ministering to them. You know when life lessons come to teach you something, you have to really get into a quiet place and hear from God. God always gives us exits. Always. They both told meContinue reading “Conversations with friends, A Wedding Dance *tissue needed* (((((Blog)))))”