Virgo Women/BLOG

  One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF. I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.Continue reading “Virgo Women/BLOG”

Life Lesson- Glad I Got A Chance To See Mom Cry/BLOG

  Growing up, I remember so clearly my mother crying many times after hanging up the phone from taking care of business. My mother was the type to kinda “go with the flow”, when it came to her business over the phone back in the day. If it wasn’t anything immediate she would take whatContinue reading “Life Lesson- Glad I Got A Chance To See Mom Cry/BLOG”


Hey,   Meet … MY GOD NIECE.. MY GOD SISTERS DAUGHTER, AND ONLY CHILD! Her parents met in High School got married and had my niece. They were both smart, she got her Masters in Accounting, and he went to school for Heating and Cooling! They built 2 business together and own a total ofContinue reading “Men who WORK-WORK-WORK TOO MUCH!/BLOG”

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 4 ~ La’Crease’s Blog

Entertainment, Business, Women and Teens Finding my purpose in life. What is my calling? What are my gifts? Entertainment- When I was 14 years old I was IN LOVE with Prince. I told my mom when he come to Detroit, I wanted to be there. She took me, not once, but twice. What a dreamContinue reading “Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 4 ~ La’Crease’s Blog”

Always Ask Questions To Get Your Answers………………… * My Story* Crees Blog Entry

Mon March 3, 2014 .. I called the Police Recovery Station to find out if my van was recovered, when I was told by the Officer that she didn’t see it in the computer she told me to go back to the station where I filed it at, and to take my report with meContinue reading “Always Ask Questions To Get Your Answers………………… * My Story* Crees Blog Entry”

Business is Business… Don’t forget it…Crees Blog Entry

I guess this week is all about BUSINESS . I just got off the phone with a good friend who happens to live in my apartment building. He’s a young guy but today he learned real quick… BUSINESS IS BUSINESS and PLAY TIME IS PLAY TIME. I always see him down stairs talking with membersContinue reading “Business is Business… Don’t forget it…Crees Blog Entry”