Going Home To See The King/BLOG

Hey Family!!! Today ((May 29, 2018)) we laid my aunt to rest. When I tell you my auntie LOVED THE LORD, went to Church every week, and she served her community WELL! Believe IT! All of the things the people spoke about her, only made me cry tears of joy. People were saying how theyContinue reading “Going Home To See The King/BLOG”


  Woman Found Stabbed To Death After Posting Facebook Warning, Ex-Boyfriend Arrested Less than one week after Michelle Rowling, 25, of East Saint Louis, posted a cryptic Facebook status alluding to her death, she was found fatally stabbed in her apartment and her newly paroled ex-boyfriend, Montrell Cooper, 25,  has been arrested in connection with the crime, reports The BellevilleContinue reading “A FACEBOOK CRY FOR HELP/BLOG”

Home Invasions…..teens not making it out ALIVE …From the desk of Cree

Hey, This will be my rambling blog. Went to Red Lobster with my Sisters and God Sisters last Friday, then to a bar for Karaoke. I was feeling good that night never knew I was about to catch a cold. I knew as soon as the weather broke this was going to happen. I knewContinue reading “Home Invasions…..teens not making it out ALIVE …From the desk of Cree”

Don’t Stay Too Long…….Crees Blog Entry

In this entry…. I guess I’ll blog off the top of my head.  Its been below zero here in Detroit at night, and reaching only 0 in the day time. We had so much snow to fall in the last few days that we were snowed in my parking lot. I did go out oneContinue reading “Don’t Stay Too Long…….Crees Blog Entry”

A sad weekend…..Cree’s Blog Entry

Hey Fam, Its been a while since I’ve posted. I don’t even know where to start.Last Saturday I went to the funeral of Gary Berry and man who I’ve known since he was no older than 2 or 3. He was murdered. Then after wards in another area of the church* mostly the people atContinue reading “A sad weekend…..Cree’s Blog Entry”