A sad weekend…..Cree’s Blog Entry

cjHey Fam,

Its been a while since I’ve posted. I don’t even know where to start.Last Saturday I went to the funeral of Gary Berry and man who I’ve known since he was no older than 2 or 3. He was murdered.

Then after wards in another area of the church* mostly the people at the funeral was at the celebration as well* was a 75th Birthday Celebration of Ms. Harris, a woman who use to live directly next door to us when I was about 7. She was the Madea of my time. It was a sad day turned happy day.

Last night, this same woman lost her grandson to a senseless murder, so now again, we will meet up at a funeral. I remember when his mom Lynn was pregnant with him 30 something years ago. He was born weighing 14 pounds, the biggest baby I’ve ever heard of. He recently got married and has children with his wife. Everyday he was posting videos playing with his kids. I watched them all because it was so cute seeing a husband/man/father interacting with his children. Last week, I told him that I was calling him the “VIDEO MAN”. LOL Wow, how does this mother tell her children that their father is not coming home? * CJ in the above photo*

kenThis afternoon one of my best friends Gloria, lost her boyfriend* in this photo* to kidney failure. I am so sad. I knew he was sick, but not that sick. What a sad weekend. My male BFF Rodney lost his aunt on Friday, and a cousin through marriage buried her mom yesterday. Its like God is calling his people saying… “you come home”, “you come home”, “you come home”, “you come home”. There is nothing no one can do about it. I know we have to leave here, and this is why I preach daily…. tell your family you love them, spend time with them, if you get into it make up quickly. I even called my dad early this morning , * Thanks Sherry* because I see that he wasn’t going to call me first, and he was the one who hung up on me. I just don’t have time for back and forth anymore. I’m almost 50, I’m not spending my last “minutes” on earth arguing with folks, being mad, and not talking. I just can’t.

God will see us through.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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