Maxwell concert in Detroit Sep 26, *recap*

maxHey Everyone,

I went to see Maxwell in concert Sat Sep 26 at Joe Louis Arena here in Detroit. It was OFF THE CHAIN. Today I post my review of the concert on his FanForum. Here is my recap!!

I had been talking with EverwantingM over the phone since last year, when we both joined the group after a Maxwell concert Oct 19, 2008 at the Fox here in Detroit. We had never met before, and after chatting we realized that we were sitting only 2 rows back from each other. Knowing that alone formed a instant bond.

Fast forward EverwantingM and I were waiting to be seated, but it was a delay due to the fact that Max’s stage set was held back in customs. Something we found out thru Twitter * I love Twitter*. Max tweeted it himself. People were wondering why the show didn’t start on time. AFter we told them some people were like does Maxwell really tweet himself? So this gurl and her man in front of us got on Twitter and started reading all his tweets that day to the people that were around us. That was so good because they wasn’t upset anymore. LOL Its like they knew what the reason was, and they couldn’t be mad at Max.

We sat in our seats * 6th row from the stage* and watch them set up for Christette Michelle. The show didn’t start @ 7:30 it started at least almost 9 o clock if not later. Yeah………. people were NOT happy about that. Especially the people who didn’t know about his Twitter update.

The lights FINALLY went down, and we gave Christette Michelle mad love. She only got to sing 3 songs, and she left off stage. I’m the kinda person that pays attention to body language, facial expressions, eye contact, everything, and as she was singing, I noticed that something wasn’t sitting well with her. I cant call it, but it confirmed when she left off stage, grabbed the curtain real hard, and yanked it behind her shaking the top of the curtain to the bottom of it! She did good. Robin Thick came on after about a 30 minute wait for set up and did 5 of his top songs. He was really good. I was waiting on Max. To be honest I couldn’t even focus on Christette or Robin. All I kept thinking about was the lights going off and the music playing while we wait with anticipation of OUR BABY MAXWELL!! I thought Robin was neeeeeeeeeeeever gonna leave the stage. The side of the stage where me and EverwantingM sat *we sat next to each other* , we can see everyone backstage. Well at the end of the 4th song Kenneth Whalum kept opening the stage looking at Robin Thick with this *look*. At this point I’m really watching them back stage, then a few other members of Max team peep out and then Robin did his last song, and all I saw was WOW from his lips. That was the Milli song he and his band members did. So now here it is almost 10 o clock, and I’m thinking dang,,,, when are they getting off stage. Detroit has a curfew and the headliner will be charge for over staying. Robin finally leave the stage, and behind the curtain was Max’s band. I was so happy we didn’t have to sit for another set up.

By this time, I’m quiet, I don’t want to talk, I just want these house lights to go down so I can lay eyes on my baby. lol My heart was beating fast, I couldn’t think at this point, I’m just ready to be on my feet for the night. Just as the lights were going down, they announced no cameras, no this, no that. I’m like well good I’m glad that I left my camera in at the hotel because last time at the Fox in Oct they made me walk my camera all the way back to the car!!!!. So this time I didn’t even bring one. Then the lights went down, people were screaming soooooooooooooo loud. Then people started getting out of their seats and going to the run way waiting for the lights to go up. I just knew security was going to escort them back to their seats. The music came on and there was MAX IN THOSE BACK SHADES THAT DOES SOMETHING TO ME. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGOODNESS. Please forgive me for not knowing the set list by heart. Playing Possum, Help Somebody, PRetty Wings, TTCCK, Lifetime, Bad Habits, Cold. cant think of the rest. Someone will post behind me with the set list. But he didn’t sing my song Stop the World. I wanted to hear this song so bad that when the start of each song came on, I hoped it to be STW. My soul ached to hear this song. I needed to hear it. I do believe Detroit got short changed because the show started so late. I know he was going to do more songs. so Ill give him that.

Maxwell, stage presence blows me away. He can just stand there and you can see all his sexyness. And when he does his splits and his lil dances, with this flirty smile on his face, melts me. I promise it does. With all those bold screaming women there, we he comes on stage I see NO ONE BUT HIM. I love the way he had his runway set up. He really out did him self on this tour. He is sooooooo giving of himself on stage, so unselfish. He is soooooo funny too. I love that about him after he sung This womans work, he said I DID IT I DID IT!!! Talking about his voice going in and out. He did a good job, you can tell just a little that he was having problems but only because he mentioned it first. That’s all!!! I love that little segment when he talks/sings about chopping you up and eating you like vegetables, they way he arranges his voice and his facial expressions ahhhhhhhh um um um. Me and EverwantingM was on the run way we got out of out chair at the 2nd or 3rd song, that was it for our seats we never saw those babies again. LOL He came over on our side and he GRABBED my HAND YESSSSSS YESSS YESSSSSSSSSS. MY LEFT HAND. I was too geeked!!!!

When intermission came after Robin EverwantingM kept saying lets go to the bathroom. I didn’t want to go because I have a history track of getting up at and missing songs. I don’t play that at concerts. She went, came back, and still no MAX. As soon as he came out and we stood on out feet.. guess who had to use the freakin bathroom? YEP, ME!! I marched my thick thighs around to the bathroom NO ONE WAS IN THERE, as soon as I un did my pants, I HEAR…………..HELP SOMEBODY!! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD AT MYSELF. OMG.I finished, washed my hands, as soon as I stepped out to the arena……….HE WAS DONE. he didn’t sing all of it. To even post this is killing me. After late hours of researching I finally finally found FOOTAGE OF HELP SOMEBODY FROM SOMEONE IN DETROIT.Yea…. Here it is guys.

I know everyone heard about the 3 ladies who went on stage with Max, and he called them lil momma. Well I found that footage as well late last night. Here is the link to that.

After the show I met Taiwo, Noodle, Angie and her friend, Mzlena95, 3 of EverwantingM friends, 2 other gurls who ate breakfast with us at 3am I forgot their names BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OMG. I am just so grateful to God to meet such wonderful people from a fan forum. Unreal how much love floated between us. I really really hate I didn’t get to meet Browneyegurl from Detroit. I’m really sad about that. AFter the show was over, we all met in front of Joe Louis Arena, and discussed what we were going to do next. Many of us were hungry and so we decided to go back to the hotel regroup and go to IHOP for breakfast. Angie and her friend left, I really hate that none of us got to spend 10 minutes with her. But we went on to have a great time together.

Angie~ Wish we had spent more time with you after the concert when everyone was available. Even though we went on to IHOP we still miss your presence as our Leader. Nice meeting you.

Mzlena- When I first met you. I didn’t want a handshake or a * Hi how ya doing* I wanted a hug, you have such a wonderful and inviting smile, beauty and warm Spirit about you. We have got to meet up again gurl!!! Got too. Plus you love concerts just like me!!

Taiwo~ Hahaaaaaaaaaaa you are my gurl!!!! We laughed so hard and so much in the hotel after the concert, HOW MANY TIMES DID SECURITY KNOCK ON OUR DOOR IN THE HOTEL? LOLLLL Thank you for spending you last day in Detroit * from Toronto* with us. You are the glue that held us together that night.

NOODLE~ GURL GURL GURL. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU. You had my jaws hurting from laughing all night!!!! $500.oo of F!!!!!!! PRICELESS!!!! When I first laid eyes on you, I knew we would connect. When you do your first comedy show IM THERE!!! YOUR sense of humor is natural. You know you had us laughing so hard, the PEOPLE KNOCKED ON OUR DOOR 2 TIMES!!! ROFLLL I love you Noodle and pleassssssss can we all meet up again. sooner than soon!!

EverwantingM~ My ace of Spade!! When we first found out last year Oct 20, that we sat 2 rows back from each other at Maxwells concert at the Fox in Detroit, I knew we would be friends. We kept in touch talking about Max any change we got. When we found out he was coming to Detroit we bought our tickets together and we were there. But it was you, who said to me Lacrease, Toronto Fans are coming to Detroit and I want us all to stay there so that we can all be together. EverwantingM didnt want them to spend another dime, because they had 3 concerts in total..She said Im going to rent a room in Downtown Detroit and put them up, would you stay with us? I was honored. You asked me to fnd a hotel and give you the number. I did. Thank you for doing this for us, WE ALL APPRECIATE that, never knowing THAT MAXWELL WOULD BE STAYING IN THE SAME HOTEL!!! It was you who called me and said LAcrease I’m buying Blue Roses want one? You bought FRESH BLUE ROSES FOR EVERYONE OF US!!! No One was without a BLUE rose. THANK YOU!!! I love you!

One thing I learned on this journey. I am apart of 3 fan forums. Tyler Perry, Anita Baker and Maxwell. LAst year when we went to ATL for Tyler Perry’s meet and greet I help with the hotel, activities and other things, this year on August 31 for a weekend, my Anita Baker friends about 30-40 of us got together in her hometown of Detroit, I helped with the planning and activities for the weekend. And with Maxwell I helped with the planning of the hotel and breakfast afterwards.I Learned that you can Tweet 200,000 times, you can post 500,000 times, but there is NOTHING LIKE meeting the faces behind the post. Connecting with real people, bonding with real people, face to face. No words between you, no tweets between you, just the Soul and Spirit of the person. When you can look into someone eyes and connect with them INSTANTLY no words, text or tweets can intercept that feeling. All of that means nothing. You are either CONNECTED WHEN YOUR EYES MEET, OR YOU ARE DISCONNECTED.

I want to Thank MissMusze for such a LOVING, ADORING FAN FORUM. I adore and admire you. I may not post as much as I should, but Im here!!! I love what you have done and I especially LOVE how we are all connected for the LOVE OF MAXWELL. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Next year………. I put my hands on 2 bibles. Detroit will be even better!!!

Detroit! Playing Possum

Detroit~ This Womans Work

Detroit~ Pretty Wings

Detroit! Help Somebody

Detroit! Fortunate

Detroit~ When the 3 gurls rushed the stage


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