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Hey Family!

Many of you may or may not know that from 2006-2011 I started a gurls group in my home. Raisingurls To Women. Teenagers would meet every other Sunday after Church  to talk about things that was going on in their lives. Peer pressure, divorce, school, friends, parents, personal issues and things like that. They loved it! I would listen to their personal stories, encourage them to speak and share testimonies that was going on in their lives. We had hotel parties, we went out to dinner as a group to talk in that settling. We had movie dates, we held fundraisers, celebrated birthdays, but more importantly we taught social skills.

I knew that these gurls would grow up to become adults and that they would need social skills to help them survive. I also keep up with ALL of them on FB. A few days ago I received a message from my niece telling me how what I did for them has impacted her life. Reading her message bought tears to my eyes.  I was only doing what I loved to do. It has made me do research to start ANOTHER WOMEN’S GATHERING!

Before I started my teen group I was holding gatherings in my home for Women. We talked about relationships, God, children, family, work, and everything adult. In my life today, people are always coming to me for advice. I spend hours and hours with these people and when my  niece sent me that message, it has started a spark in me. So many women are hurting from past hurts, and also present situations that causes them to go into deep depressions. See, I know God. I have a personal relationship with him and he is theeeeeeeeeeeee only way out. I dont have the gift to preach, but I am NO WAY afraid to share my testimonies, and to help women find their way.

Here is apart of the email that my niece sent to me! Wow Thank you Jesus. What a Blessing!

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Yes auntie thank you. One thing that prepared me to want to speak was you from back in the day when you did the girls group. I started a women’s group in college and used your work sheets I still had n the group is still going the girls love it. I want to open a homeless shelter for you that have no where to go after 18. That’s another goal. I thank you for doing what it is you did when I was young. You never know how much you impact a persons life and you did.

You don’t know how much it helped deal with stuff and gave me courage to speak up for myself. Yes women need other women to help them overcome a lot. Auntie get out there we need women like you to help guide younger women. We have so many youth scared to be different and not be okay with life because it’s not normal and the struggle with being accepted and that’s when they use their bodies. You taught me so much you wouldn’t understand.


Buying kids everything… is NOT good From the desk of Cree

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When you buy your sons and daughters the best clothes, latest gym shoes, making them the best dressed in school. People always telling you ” your kids stay fresh” Every new electronic device that comes out… YOUR CHILD gotta have it, the latest phones and designer clothes. That’s ALL GOOD.. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT……

BUT YOU BETTER remember and KNOW for a fact. That when YOU stop taking care of them because they’re “18” and GROWN. They have to keep up with that LIFESTYLE that YOU provided for them. TRUST AND BELIEVE… they’re either going to go to college and make a good hard working living for themselves….. or they’ll make fast money ON the streets!!! No kid wants to turn 18 and can’t keep up with what they were use to. People will talk about them and dog them out. And trust me… they’re not having that!!!

Remember you have to set the atmosphere for LATER when it comes to the mind set of your kids. They really don’t need all of that growing up….let them set their own goals of having the best of everything by working for it, not just by being YOUR child.

This is a warning…. hear me clear.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy