Buying kids everything… is NOT good From the desk of Cree

grandmas hair


When you buy your sons and daughters the best clothes, latest gym shoes, making them the best dressed in school. People always telling you ” your kids stay fresh” Every new electronic device that comes out… YOUR CHILD gotta have it, the latest phones and designer clothes. That’s ALL GOOD.. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT……

BUT YOU BETTER remember and KNOW for a fact. That when YOU stop taking care of them because they’re “18” and GROWN. They have to keep up with that LIFESTYLE that YOU provided for them. TRUST AND BELIEVE… they’re either going to go to college and make a good hard working living for themselves….. or they’ll make fast money ON the streets!!! No kid wants to turn 18 and can’t keep up with what they were use to. People will talk about them and dog them out. And trust me… they’re not having that!!!

Remember you have to set the atmosphere for LATER when it comes to the mind set of your kids. They really don’t need all of that growing up….let them set their own goals of having the best of everything by working for it, not just by being YOUR child.

This is a warning…. hear me clear.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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