Some Women Are Something Else… had to go there/BLOG



So….. tonight I’m just rambling. Thinking about triggered things before I lay down to sleep.

There’s this gurl who lives in my building, she has to be about 28 ( a “kid” to me.. my daughter’s that age). Very nice pleasant. She always smiles and speak and also have a bubbly personality like I do. Every time I see her, she’s always chatting with someone in a good mood.

This one night maybe about 1 in the morning. I went downstairs to the lobby to talk to security about the dog next door to me and its barking. He told me that the new neighbor will be in shortly from work and that she’s very understanding and friendly. When she came in, we talked. She told me that her dog will be leaving in the morning to live with a friend because she’s gotten complaints from the front office about him. That was cool. We stayed in the lobby and chatted with security for about an hour plus just the 3 of us…..


HOMEGURL * the nice friendly one* WALTZ in staring at me… like I stole her dayum lunch money. At the same time walking towards HIM… but staring at me REAL MEAN. So, I’m saying to myself…. gurlyougotmemessedup….. we’ll tear this lobby up tonight! I never in my life had a fight…. but the way she was looking at me…. I had to turn my head, then look back at her to see if she was looking at me. Now, I usually laugh at women like that. But when she walked in, she changed the WHOLE ATMOSPHERE. She didn’t say Hi… or nothing. She came in and posted her no-shaped body….right next to him. He’s a nice guy, he was looking like… “gurl what’s your problem?” He’s a Virgo too… so I know he checked her real good when we left. Anyway…. she never spoke. Me and my neighbor.. caught the elevator to our apartments and dueced out!!! LOL

Last week… didn’t I see that…  NO BOOTY HAVING SPONGE BOB SHAPED gurl in the lobby talking to HIM?  Keep in mind.. he’s been working here almost a year.. and before that night…. I NEVER KNEW HIS NAME. I speak to everyone, smile.. and keep it moving. Now, I’m walking up to building looking at the security counter before I walk in. I could see them. So, I said to myself.. she always speak and make conversation with me, and I don’t like to jump to conclusions about a person. So, if she speaks to me.. Okay… maybe that was ME the other night “feeling some kinda way”. I said now, if she throws me shade… it was her all the time, and that means she likes the security guy and feels some kinda way about me. I walks in.. looking cute… and says “Hey…. how yall doing?” She’s looking down at her phone… LOOKING REAL MEAN * LOL*.. He’s looking at me, and we speak at the same time. I looks at her… as I’m walking to the elevators.. She took a looooooong pause and FINALLY said “hi”.  It was so low, and dry. LOL She never looked up at me… totally out of character for her. I don’t even know this child’s name.

MY point is….women STOP IT. STOP! Why must we do this to each other? What is the point? Some women are so territorial about these men. And for what? Now, I have to be on guard when I see her again, instead of looking forward to a funny and friendly conversation with her in passing. I’m also a friendly person. I speak to everyone, never have an attitude. I don’t see how women can devote time and energy into other women with this MESS. Its so petty and time consuming. Grow up!

I look forward to having my Sisters Only Gathering. I have a lot to say.

Be Blessed!

Gurl Talk * wedding stress* ((((((Blog))))))



I want to Gurl Talk about Weddings. I know several good friends of mine who will be married this year and next Summer. As they plan their wedding many issues are with the Bridal Party….. but also there are many problems with GUEST.

As a person who LOVES to plan. I recommend that the Bride have someone other than herself to be in charge of the RECEPTION GUEST LIST. A good friend in boxed me tonight was in tears about this SAME topic. I wanted to cry with her, because I hear this a lot and let me say this. As the Bride, when you make up in your mind how you want YOUR WEDDING…. and what you can afford, how you want it done, how many guest you plan to invite, who are allowed and who are not….STICK WITH IT. Its your day! WHO EVA * not ever* WHO EVA don’t like it… OH WELL!

If you’re having a “no children” wedding, stick to it. No exceptions. That’s the part that bothers me, people always want to put pressure on the Bride about this policy. If the couple agree to not have children, then that’s what it means. FLAT OUT!!! THAT’S FINAL!!! When those same people who have a problem with it… go out dancing, they can’t take their kids with them. If they can’t get a baby sitter, then guess what they have to do……”sit it out”. I don’t care who you are. You wont disrespect our wedding cause you want things convenient  for you. And if they get mad… get mad ON TOP OF THEIR “MAD”… and keep it moving. I love to plan, and that’s one thing I don’t play….. people wanting exceptions to benefit them.

If a couple allow kids to their wedding, with high plate prices that’s over $30.00 per head, people will bring their kids, and the kids they’re baby sitting that weekend, that summer, that month… um ummmm NOT ON MY MONEY. *blank stare*. People don’t know how to act right. So, I say as a planner myself, its best to have a person who you trust and know will communicate everything you want, to do your RECEPTION WEDDING GUEST.

My advice for a Bride who plans to gather address and names for their wedding  reception. Is to let people know up front, NO CHILDREN- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please respect and honor this request and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO conversations pertaining to the matter. That’s to the point and very well communicated. Who ever doesn’t get that… just don’t care. Keep it moving, there is too much work to do. I live by that!


Be Blessed!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Sisters/Gurl Talk/May 21 Day Challenge Update (((((BLOG)))))



Its Memorial Day Weekend!!! Days like this, I miss having my own HOUSE. My favorite time is when everybody go home and we’re cleaning up the kitchen. I love that part for some reason. Then after wards I get to go sit down and “do me” until bedtime. Now today, my Sisters calling me on the 3-way asking “What we gon do for the Holiday?” I’m saying to myself laughing…. yall got the houses… yall figure it out!!! LOL LOL When I had the house all the gatherings was there, now we can use yall nice huge houses…. and I’m not cleaning up afterwards either. LOL LOL YESSSS!!! Feels good. I’mma sit there on the couch, talk my junk, and cross my legs for a change…. give Big Sister a BREAK LOL LOL LOL Sorry yall but this is really funny to me. So now we have a meeting at my sister house tomorrow at 4. Chile please… Imma go and listen to them work it out. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THOUGH!!! WE HAVE A GOOD TIME WHEN WE GET TOGETHER.. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.. AND I CHOSE TO HAVE FUN.

Ladies we’ve got to quit frowning all the time. A man will NOT approach you with your face balled up and mouth twisted. A man who is being straight up with you, can’t stand a smart mouth either. Yes, I know we’ve been though a lot with men. I know we can take a lot. I know they can make us so mad….. but still we can’t walk around with our faces smashed up because of it. Some women loved to look like something is wrong just for the attention and to be asked “what’s wrong?”. When a man comes home from being gone all day, he want to see a smiling face, with kisses and a great day update. DSCN1619 I don’t even look at women who frown. Understand and know that Spirit can jump on you and have you frowning. Stop complaining all the time too. Ask yourself what percentage of happy stories come out of your mouth daily? You have the choice to share good stories or “Debbie Downers.”

My 18 year old Niece Ganell NELL 4 is so funny. Whenever I go over to her house, she always sit by me. I never paid it any attention until my daughter was like “ma next time we go over to Auntie Peedie house watch Nell make sure she sits by you. She said no matter where we are, she always make sure her seat is by you, and she cant stop touching you. So, I was like okay… let me start paying attention. LOL LOL When I did, I couldn’t do nothing but laugh. I said Nell, why when I come over you gotta sit next to me? She laughed and laughed * thought I didn’t know*, she said Auntie you give out GOOD ENERGY!!!! HAHAHAH WOW What a compliment from a teenager. She loves my energy. I love that gurl. Here is a photo of her.

My May 21 day Challenge……Water, Water, Water is the word for today!!!! YESSSSSSS thatgurlhecallCree aint playing with yall. I’m bout to lose this weight.This banging curvy body “covered in food” deserves BETTER. Its a wrap.. Yes its going to take a while… but LETS GET IT CREE!!!!

* photo taken tonight in my lounge gown*



Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy