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I want to Gurl Talk about Weddings. I know several good friends of mine who will be married this year and next Summer. As they plan their wedding many issues are with the Bridal Party….. but also there are many problems with GUEST.

As a person who LOVES to plan. I recommend that the Bride have someone other than herself to be in charge of the RECEPTION GUEST LIST. A good friend in boxed me tonight was in tears about this SAME topic. I wanted to cry with her, because I hear this a lot and let me say this. As the Bride, when you make up in your mind how you want YOUR WEDDING…. and what you can afford, how you want it done, how many guest you plan to invite, who are allowed and who are not….STICK WITH IT. Its your day! WHO EVA * not ever* WHO EVA don’t like it… OH WELL!

If you’re having a “no children” wedding, stick to it. No exceptions. That’s the part that bothers me, people always want to put pressure on the Bride about this policy. If the couple agree to not have children, then that’s what it means. FLAT OUT!!! THAT’S FINAL!!! When those same people who have a problem with it… go out dancing, they can’t take their kids with them. If they can’t get a baby sitter, then guess what they have to do……”sit it out”. I don’t care who you are. You wont disrespect our wedding cause you want things convenient  for you. And if they get mad… get mad ON TOP OF THEIR “MAD”… and keep it moving. I love to plan, and that’s one thing I don’t play….. people wanting exceptions to benefit them.

If a couple allow kids to their wedding, with high plate prices that’s over $30.00 per head, people will bring their kids, and the kids they’re baby sitting that weekend, that summer, that month… um ummmm NOT ON MY MONEY. *blank stare*. People don’t know how to act right. So, I say as a planner myself, its best to have a person who you trust and know will communicate everything you want, to do your RECEPTION WEDDING GUEST.

My advice for a Bride who plans to gather address and names for their wedding  reception. Is to let people know up front, NO CHILDREN- NO EXCEPTIONS. Please respect and honor this request and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO conversations pertaining to the matter. That’s to the point and very well communicated. Who ever doesn’t get that… just don’t care. Keep it moving, there is too much work to do. I live by that!


Be Blessed!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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