Home Dreaming 10/Homes/BLOG

A beautiful home makes a happy wife. A happy wife sets the thermostat for her whole family.

This fully furnished and sheltered patio space on the lower level contains a conversation seating arrangement, full dining table, and kitchen amenities and grill on the far wall. Stone flooring extends past pool area toward the guest house, while glass ceiling element allows for natural lighting.

Front living room space involves a similar arrangement of white sectional, twin chairs, and coffee table set before wide gas fireplace with floor to ceiling brick surround.

The kitchen features a grand dual-section island, with main body in dark cabinetry and white marble countertop plus natural wood dining space extension. Slate grey cabinetry abounds throughout, matching the dining set on left.

Large modern bedroom with white tile walls, recessed ceiling and fireplace.

Modern bedroom part of open concept home with glass wall and floor-to-ceiling picture window.

Cathedral white ceiling caps this simple, but well designed master bedroom.  Walls are also white set off against dark wood floor and dark brown bed.


Small modern bedroom with white patterned wallpaper, television in wall alcove, and small desk area in the corner of the room.

Large master bedroom with custom white paneling on walls, custom tray ceiling and one wall entirely windows with glass door to private balcony overlooking the ocean.

The brightest and cheeriest bedroom of them all... an outdoor bedroom being a covered four-poster bed on a concrete slab in a rock garden overlooking the ocean.  Now that's a bedroom!

Vaulted ceiling and sculpted metal chandelier hang above a wide expanse of plush cushioned brown sectional, glass coffee table, and massive stone brick fireplace over dark natural hardwood flooring.

White beam detailed ceiling stands over this beige and natural wood toned living room, featuring immense L-shaped sectional and leather armchair. Dark wood coffee table and entertainment cabinet add contrast with white marble fireplace.

Another modern design, featuring dark leather sectional centered on singular area of hardwood flooring in a sea of white marble. Cubic lighting displays overhead and throughout dining space in background.

Home Dreaming 9/ Kitchens/BLOG

A beautiful kitchen for a woman can be equivalent to a “Man Cave”… When women look for a home, the kitchen is the first place she goes to. A kitchen is suppose to set the atmosphere appetite for the evening.

Rich red wood over beige marble flooring throughout this kitchen. Large two-tiered island with marble countertop features dining seating and built-in storage.

Dark wood and marble countertop island stands out in this white and beige kitchen, with ample dining seating all around.

Lush green tones liven this kitchen, awash in beige wood paneling on cupboards and octagonal island. Island features built-in sink and range on forest green marble countertop.

Ornate, modern kitchen features imposing island in black wood and light marble countertop, featuring dining area between shelving, and full sink.

Kitchen centered around lengthy island featuring full range, sink, and dishwasher, plus raised marble countertop for dining.

Kitchen space stands as part of larger open area, featuring warm wood paneling on every vertical surface and black marble countertop attachment for dining area.

Island comprised of stone wall and rich wood paneling matching the cabinetry throughout this kitchen, features marble countertop and raised wood dining surface.

In this kitchen defined by wraparound counter space, modest sized island commands attention with built-in wine cooler and full sink over dark hardwood paneling.

Natural tones throughout this space, with C-shape island complete with dining seating, full sink and black marble countertop.

Immense island dominates this space, with dark wood paneling and two-tiered marble countertops with full dining area and built-in sink.

Ultra luxurious island features wine cooler and hidden storage space under large dark marble countertop in this kitchen.

Radial kitchen design with semi-circle two-level island. Wood beamed ceiling in spoke design maintains the radial layout. Extensive use of wood throughout

All wood kitchen with massive matching island.

Luxury kitchen interior design in open living space with elevated ceiling.  Large island is semi-circular with seating on the outside facing the kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen island

Mid-size kitchen with curved island.

Contemporary kitchen design with long island with a round eating section on one end.

Space-saving island with built-in booth for in-kitchen dining.

My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))

I love a BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN. When I see a kitchen on a photo or a walk through, instantly I can connect to it and see myself cooking. A woman loves a pretty, clean, bright kitchen with lots of space to move around in. A beautiful kitchen can be a deal breaker in a home that has everything else.  I feel at home. My Style My Taste…..

My Style – My Taste….. Bathroom/Bedroom *2*… YESSS ((((Blog))))



God revealed ……. From the desk of Cree


God revealed some very interesting things to me today…. about myself. LOL Its funny… only God to explain and give me examples in the way he does.

My daughter and I met today with our family realtor to look at 3 homes. My daughter and mom both have an VISION to see a tore down, jacked up inside and out home…………… beautiful.


When I go into a home, * and we go quite often* it has to be nice and pretty for me to like it. In other words…. “move in ready”. I get instantly turned off by homes that has been demolished, and need work. I’m really NOT a good person to take with you when buying a home. When I feel weak floors, see stained carpets, spooky basements, cob web closets, broken windows, nasty walls, sinks and bathtubs, chip tiles, I just CANT! I have absolutely no vision to see past these types of interior issues. You can find me half way through the tour looking scared in a corner, and ready to GO!!! LOL

This one place we saw today, people were still living there, that made it even worst for my vision, because ALL OF THEIR THINGS were in the house. I can’t mentality take out their things to add mines. I don’t know why I can’t see past this. My daughter was saying… “and we can take this out and add that”. “we can gut all this out, then we can knock this wall out”. I’m standing there saying to myself… guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl… lets get out of here!!! LOL My mom and daughter can draw…. I can’t. They can pick out furniture to match the carpet, tile for the floors, certain types of sinks for the bathroom…… and poor me just standing there like…. ” God why can’t I see this type of vision?

Just then…. he took me there. He told me that it was okay. Everybody can’t have the same vision… its okay he said.

He reminded me how I can see the beauty and the restoration in a person who is homeless, someone beaten, abused, raped,and abandon. I can see a glorious life for them once they get the help they need. Some people feel that there is NO HOPE for these people. I don’t see it that way. He ask me… how many times have someone told you, “you give compliments to everybody”!!!! A lot I answered. He said that’s because you can see the beauty in people. You have the gift to see past the pain. You love people, you can see the best in them, you can see beyond their current situation. And I’m standing there like WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! In my mind…. I’m thinking that everyone should be able to see the beauty in others…… GOD SAID…but they don’t.

So when I walked around these houses today with my face sorta twisted, he said …. just because YOU can’t see the beauty in these homes, DOESNT MEAN THAT IT CANT BE DONE…


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