I was in KROGER not long ago, when a customer got mad because the lines were long. He walked into the self checkout area and said to the cashier attending the machines… ” I hate these machines because they take jobs away from people.” He went on complaining that the machines are never working properly and how much he hated using them. MY gotta tell the truth self gon say…. Well, when people go through cashier ran registers, PEOPLE MISTREAT THEM, CURSE THEM OUT, AND TALK TO THEM ALL KINDS OF SIDEWAYS, I said, I think its a good IDEA machines are taking over and the cashiers don’t have to deal with unruly PEOPLE… He looked at me like… B***** where the F**K you come from? HAHAHAHAHHA….. I SAID to myself “Now shut yo ass up……… AND I walked out! 

It amazes me how people treat cashiers. They want a person to ring them up, but at the same time, they MISTREAT them so badly. But see with a machine, they can’t do that. They can’t talk back, and if so it wont be towards a real person. I’m glad people are PISSED!. Maybe ringing up their OWN items will make them appreciate cashiers. And the people who have THE DAYUM MOST to say, are the ones always giving them the most HELL! The customers who wants to be IN AND OUT with no HASSLE and no DRAMA are the ones who go to SELF CHECK OUT.

I wish people will take a moment to realize that cashiers are people too. I’m taking my own advice on this one, because I use to constantly get into it with the drive-thru person at a fast food restaurant. Seems like since I don’t eat cheese, its always on my burgers. I can stress this to them 4 times while ordering, and Ill still get it. I’d get so angry and put together a sentence that could choke a rattlesnake. BUT… I PUT AWAY CHILDISH THINGS………smile



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Hello Family 🙂

Today I was laying in the bed thinking about how God works in my life. Its so unreal, makes me smile and LAUGH at the same time. When I was 19, I was so in LOVE with my daughter’s father. God told me that I LOVED that man, more than I LOVED him. I was devastated when God said that to me one day as I was washing dishes. Because for some reason, I felt it may have been true… not on purpose… but maybe a fact. I didn’t like that one bit, and I MADE SURE I DIDN’T LOVE ANY MAN like that EVER again. I know how to LOVE.. because I learned it from my parents and growing up with close siblings. So after God revealed that to me, I continued to show men LOVE… because its in me. While they thought I LOVED them so hard (((  but I was just loving how I was taught))).. they ALL were disappointed, sad, and in a state of disbelief when the relationship was over, and I walked away like a car tore up in a accident, with no scratches on my body. That’s one thing about me that I LOVE….. I can walk away and never look back… all while STILL LOVING you at the same time… but in a “out of your life” way.

I LOVE GOD MORE THAN ANYTHING… and just because I show you the LOVE and LOYALTY you may not have experienced from someone else outside of your family… doesn’t  mean LACREASE WALKER won’t walk away like I never knew you…. because I CAN….in a way that will make you ask yourself… “Did she even LOVE me in the first place?” And that answer is…Yes I did/do.

Okay, I got off track. I was so in LOVE with my daughter’s father, that it took me forever to get over him. That was one of the hardest things to do. Back then, there was no social media where you can read up on other stories and then come to the conclusion that this man is not the one for you. We didn’t have access to other women who was going through the same thing to connect with. We had to learn on our own. I was secretive, so a lot of things I went though alone. I didn’t know that SEX was the connection that kept me going back to him. When I cut off sex, I was able to move on. Took me years and years, and years to realize that. But here is the part that got me laughing and talking to God about. He is using MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. to talk to the broken women who are going through the same thing in this time and day. SO MANY women email me, talk to me in person, send text and other messages about the same thing. At first I was like… “Ok God, why are these ladies coming to me… I had a hard time back in the day trying to get over the LOVE I had for my daughter’s dad?” He said because you are over that, and you are the one who can reach these women. WOW WHAT AN HONOR…. When I think back on those times.. I don’t feel qualified AT ALL!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??????? God are serious? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? CREE?????? I was so broken, hurt, ashamed, embarrassed, depressed, lost, had an abortion, MEAN AND EVIL… any and everything you can think of.. and GOD SENDS ME TO HELP THESE WOMEN?????????? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

I must say… GOD KNOWS BEST…. because I have spoken with SO, SO, SO , SO, SO many women about relationships, hurt and things associated… that this is truly apart of my calling. I am helping these women to find themselves, and to get back to God. Women are a magnet to me when it comes to this area of their lives…. and I love it. I’ve been there. I know the pain. I know the hurt. I know the thoughts and the cries at night. I know it all. I just want to say THANK YOU LORD FOR CHOOSING ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PROUD AND SEND YOUR DAUGHTERS BACK TO YOU, SO THAT YOU CAN SEND THE MAN DESIGNED JUST FOR THEM!!!

I AM La’Crease ((( I don’t have to do anything else)))

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My Town & Country……..gone Crees Blog Entry

my baby
So, my van was found Thursday afternoon by the Detroit Police Department. I went to see it yesterday the damage was bad, they tore it up.
2002 creasy
When I first bought this van it was so clean it looked brand new. These clowns ripped the second and third row seats out to do their dirty work. My windshield was busted, they hit something and tore off the whole front bumper. The battery was hissing, and front passenger door opens not even half way. The hood wont close, the ignition was tore up and it was so dirty in the inside. The Spirit was gone away from my baby. I LOVED that Town & Country. I prayed and prayed and prayed for years and years and years for God to give me one. And I finally got it. It never gave me any problems, I drove it to Atlanta and back, plus around the city for a year before some GOONS came into my apartment complex and stole it. I’m just so outdone by this. Exactly two days later I got the call I’ve been waiting for… a job at Detroit Public Schools. All I could say at that time is GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’m glad I was honest to them about my situation, so hopefully soon I can come up with something, so that I can start back working. I’ve never had this to happen to me before, its a feeling of being raped. I couldn’t even sit in my van or even touch it. This is just so sad for me.
In my mind, I was making all kinds of “movies” about what I could do to those GOONS. This morning when I woke up, those thoughts were the first thing on my mind. Then I thought to myself… LaCrease you can really be mean. Find a way to get rid of the anger. I am still very upset and angry at these guys. I thought I had forgiven them, until I went to see the damage they did to a van that had NO ISSUES.
Another thing I keep thinking about is this: Job 2:6 6 The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life.”
The reason why I kept thinking about that was because for a year and 9 months, I’ve been catching it, and that Scripture reminds me that everything Job went though.. it had to pass through the DESK OF GOD FOR APPROVAL. God knew everything Job was going through before he went through it… and he passed. This is why no matter what…… I have to stay strong and know my help is on the way.
Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

The lady at the Post Office…. Part 2 the response…. Crees Blog Entry

  • Janell Walker That’s a good daughter.
  • Charlene Hayes I havent finish reading this only firdt part and im screamin Jesussssss ok here I go….
  • Lacrease Walker Thanks mommy Janell Walker.. her was being mean to me Charlene Hayes lol lol gurl im cracking up at you, cause i can see your face it this was you… we come a loong way
  • Burks Sonjakeepnitmoving Girl we then come a long way with the help of Jesus ppl better ve praising God. .
  • Jacquetta Harrison some people choose to be ignorant and nasty…if they could be nice after the fact why not show that before…that’s why they changed their tune later because they felt it was wrong…and as far as the girl at Wendy’s how dare you ask her to do her…God saves a lot of these fools out here because nowadays you will get shot from stepping on someone’s shoes let alone something like mouthing off…I’m glad you handled it the way you did by laughing at them…they are some characters…
  • Lacrease Walker Burks Sonjakeepnitmoving Jacquetta Harrison I was so shocked at the wendys gurl and the post office customer. The post office ladyyou can tell that she was very educated, and worked as a social worker or teacher…. she was on a kane, and looked good for her age.. when i finshed being nice to the other people who came in after me asking the SAME QUESTIONS… they both kept wanting me to look at them, so they could smile and be “my friend”… it killed me, but when i was leaving and she was still there… I LOOKED AT HER.. and she was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice to me.
  • Burks Sonjakeepnitmoving Yea they felt real salty after they made it like that now supposed you just snapped on them.
  • Salada Praiseiswhatido Collier When GOD saved us he saved a lot of ppl… But me on the other hand is still trying to get to the point where u are and I’m still reading ppl they rights… Next time just call me and put me on speaker and I will take it from there lol… Enjoy the rest of your day
  • Lacrease Walker LOL LOL Salada Praiseiswhatido Collier okay let me ask you this boo.. how old are you.. cause it took some time to get to this point.. then imma go into what im thinking about this
  • Charisma Nikita I swear I am working on my anger management lol this situation would have been different it was me….
  • Burks Sonjakeepnitmoving Ppl need to look around and understand that things happen for a reason it’s so much crazy stuff happening it doesn’t pay to have a attitude towards ppl who has nothing to do with your situation most ppl are mad at themselves so they try to bring eveyone they come in contacts with in their negative circle. I try not to go there wuth ppl I would have ask her upon leaving now was your getting smart at the beginning really necessary and then said have a nice day and to her partner boy I was pretty when I enter the building so what’s your point. And with the Wendy’s lady its a number on the receipt
  • Lacrease Walker Salada Praiseiswhatido Collier Charisma Nikita LOL LOL LOL I feel yall both. Can I please give yall this little word of wisdom. When the gurl in the drive thru rolled her eyes so hard that all the white in her eyes was showing like she was having a seizure. I laughed.. and when the lady said in her spooky and sarcastic voice ” if they was open, we would’nt be standing here”..but let me tell you WHAT I KNOW.I KNOW.. AND GOD KNOWS that I can set it off!!!! I have shown myself this to be true many and plenty of times. Baaaaaaby.. please believe it!!! But the CHALLENGE IS TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENTLY. To act a different way of what you are use to acting. The challenge is to be a LEADER and not react the way they did. Again,…. cause we KNOW… we have the POWER TO SET IT OFF UP IN THERE. When you know your strengths.. you can chose to either use it… or not. You have a choice in the way you react.

    So, God says to me…. LaCrease I know, and you know.. that you can set this little post office area off right? He said I allow you to be angry… and you can have your moment SILENTLY.. so what I did was because it made me so mad.. I had to walk around in my little square area of the post office to calm down… and what I do when I’m angry is think about things that make me happy which are….. Trees, flowers, water, the sky, and green grass. THESE THINGS CALMS ME ALL THE WAY DOWN. Once I calmed down… I HAD TO SHOW THEM HOW TO GREET PEOPLE… So what God did was… he let 5 people walk through the door…. a few asked the same QUESTION I DID…. And when they did I made sure I greeted them, NEVER GIVING THEM ANY TIME TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS… I was the one who told them that they opened at 9:30.

    I laughed at the gurl in the drive thru.. cause she has no idea that doing that to me…. BACK IN THE DAY… that she was very close to having a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD DAY. The beauty in this is…. again God says .. Lacrease I KNOW, AND YOU KNOW.. you have the POWER in you to “set it off”… so do something differently… so I LAUGHED AT HER PAIN *of putting ketchup in MY bag” WOW WOW WOW Cause real talk…. if putting ketchup in my bag caused you to have seizure like episodes….. you aint mad at me boo… YOU MAD AT THE WORLD.. YOU MAD AT YO-SELF, YOU MAD AT YOUR LIFE. LOL LOL LOL PEOPLE LIKE THAT I LAUGHS AT. LOL LOL LOL And I kept it moving, driving down gratiot while digging in my bag… eating my french fries. LOL GURLBYE

    The POWER is not in showing them you can nut up too… the POWER is really in.. showing them that you’re going another route. 10 years as a cashier at Walmart … baaaaaaaaaby I got it together. LOL LOL LOL LOL

    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

  • Lacrease Walker I learned that people who talk smart and DONT KNOW IT… CAUSE THATS WHAT THEY ARE USE TO ANYWAY.. they say what they have to say and then turn their heads.. cause its normal for them… but people who talk smart and KNOWS IT… THEY SAY IT AND STARE AT YOU WAITING FOR A REACTION.

The lady at the POST OFFICE PART 1 * wow*……Crees Blog Entry

A REAL WOMANGood Morning…. Soooooooo today I walks into the post office around 9:20am… and there were a man about my age and a black older lady. I was kinda shock to see them standing there. So before I went any further as they were “ALREADY STARING AT ME” I looked at them both and asked…..are they open? The lady looks at me with this spooky smile and sarcastic voice and said…. “if they was we wouldn’t be standing here” I said to myself ….Oh Lawd Jesus ….. ITS A FIRE!!!!….

When I FIRST meet a person, and they get smart… all types of bells and whistles, choirs , little kids singing, dogs barking, cat scratching, horns, guitars, drums, organs and all these things start INSTANTLY goes off in my head. All I could do is look at her…. she KNEW I wasn’t playing after I stared at her for about 40 minutes non stop * just playing*. Not that I would go off on her, because I have self control PRAISE GOD and I would never disrespect anyone. So, I said so the answer is NO? They both said.. very quickly a the same time…. No, not until 9:30. As I stood there to calm down… I realized that they open that part of the post office up for those people who have mailboxes, and they were just standing in that area until they opened. See, that was my reason for asking why were they standing there. I thought it all opened at the same time.

So, obviously they were first and second in line when they finally opened. They wanted to be my friend so bad… I WOULD NOT LOOK AT THEM. they kept turning around looking at me. So after my turn. the lady waited around for her package.. she looked at me with a nice smile * like she should have had done in the first place” and said have a nice day. I smiled back and said.. “you too maam”. Then here come homeboy…. you pretty, why you so pretty? Can I have your number…. I SAID IM MARRIED and jumped in my van. I KILLED THEM BOTH WITH KINDNESS. When people were coming in after me asking the same question.. I made sure their smart mouths didn’t spoil the atmosphere for others like they did me… I said to everyone who came in.. they open at 9:30. LOL

Question… why do people have smart mouths… why couldn’t she just say… they open at 9:30? Just a few nights ago, me and Nesha was at Wendy’s drive thru.. we ask the lady for ketchup… she rolled her eyes so hard… all I could see was THE WHITE PART IN HER EYES. And I’m looking at her like guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl back in the day… I WOULD HAVE SNATCHED THOSE HEAD SETS OFF WITH YOUR EAR!!! LOL LOL LOL Yall who know me KNOW THIS IS TRUE. All I could do was bust out laughing in her face. I said to myself gurl you have no idea how GOD IS REALLY SAVING YOU RIGHT NOW! LOL People…. show yourself friendly… no matter what kind of mood you’re in. Smile, you’re only in strangers lives for a few minutes… aint no sense in acting funny. Be helpful, listen to others, make short conversation in showing yourself friendly…. … I TRY TO LIVE THIS life everyday. SMILE