Wedding Planning-Things I learned/BLOG

So yes, I did a Wedding on Saturday and it was really a joy. Well worth the EXPERIENCE!  I really enjoyed myself and learned a whole lot.. about people, how important it is to communicate, and patience. I learned early on that you have to have some tough skin doing this job dealing with lots ofContinue reading “Wedding Planning-Things I learned/BLOG”

Ms. Cree a Wedding /Events Planner? ((((((((Blog))))))))

Hey Yall ( In the voice of CCain68—-Youtube) For a while now I’ve been thinking about going back to school this fall to become a Therapist . I’m a great listener, give wisdom advice, and to top that off, I’m very private when it comes to other people’s business. As I’m thinking about that. IContinue reading “Ms. Cree a Wedding /Events Planner? ((((((((Blog))))))))”

Gurl Talk * wedding stress* ((((((Blog))))))

Hey!!!! I want to Gurl Talk about Weddings. I know several good friends of mine who will be married this year and next Summer. As they plan their wedding many issues are with the Bridal Party….. but also there are many problems with GUEST. As a person who LOVES to plan. I recommend that theContinue reading “Gurl Talk * wedding stress* ((((((Blog))))))”

Things to know for PLANNING…….Crees Blog Entry

For the last 5 years I’ve put together Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, and people always ask me is it hard to plan and what does it take to pull it off? So in this blog entry… I’ll share everything you need to know in order to make things go just as planned. Patience.. itContinue reading “Things to know for PLANNING…….Crees Blog Entry”