Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry

I guess this would be a blog of my rants and rambling.
So Beyonce tweeted and posted on her FB page the remix Kanye did….. Drunk In Love. Its so beyond pitiful, that it makes me question the sanity of these people. Who are these people around everyday? Where are the friends who sit you down and talk you out of POSTING THIS KINDA MESS? What person would AMEN their friend to let a NOTHING like Kanye come into the picture and “turn out” YOUR already questionable/private ??? song as is? Who in their right mind would say to their friend…. “gurl yeah you should post and Amen this remix, it sounds good”.
Now let me make this CLEAR. I know I can be very opinionated, but that has nothing to do with the LOVE and Admiration I have for people. Yes, I enjoy Beyonce’s music… and will continue…. but I have a serious problem with the mentality of her right now. The lyrics that came out of his mouth is DISRESPECFUL AND UNACCEPTABLE. Of course Beyonce didn’t write it.. but she allowed the remix and to me that’s “lost behavior” DISRESEPECTFUL!!!! Its just as bad.
Reminds me about Tyler Perry. Everyone knows I love and admire him dearly. But when I saw Madea in*AMC* mentioning “Glee” and making Nene Leakes feel important with all the BS shes starts.
The bragging she does, the way she puts people down, the side ways talking , sneak dissing and laughing to make herself look good ….. YES I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS. Then Madea went outside the department store and bust a Kenya Moore “Gone with the Wind Twirl”…. I JUST CAN’T…… NOT ONE SECOND… I CAN’T. This is why these women act the way they do. As long as they see “someone they admire” repeat, shout out, copy, reference the BS they do….. then they will ASSUME its acceptable and then continue to behave this way. That’s not funny to me. This is why people continue to behave the way they do.. when people “OF INFLUENCE” AMEN THEIR BEHAVIOR. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT!!! A HUGE PROBLEM.
I live in a building where they’re lots of older people who had been here for years and years. There are also lots of students from Wayne State University… mostly Indians. Nice people too. Its this one older black guy who talks too much. As soon as he sees people * his audience* he just talks talks and talks. He loves to side talk people, and I noticed something else about him. You can tell that once upon a time in his life, he was a person of great influence. Not only is he good looking now, but you can tell he was THE BOMB back in the day. Seems like every time I leaving the building or coming in, we cross paths in the lobby or elevator. I just don’t like the slick talk he does, and the smart mouth he has. His friends may not catch on to it, but I do. I know this, because he tried to slick talk me one day. When he’s been drinking, he wants all the “sun” ( attention) on him, and will make sure that he goes out of his way, to get the person who IS NOT PAYING ONE CENT TO HIM. THAT WOULD BE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
I kept saying to myself, its something about him that makes him feel “some kinda way” about HIMSELF. Well, as the summer came and I was seeing him more in the lobby. I heard him talking to some other guys about how he use to own several business, had lots of women, did drugs, had lots of money, drove the best cars. I knew it…………. because he spoke with arrogance and POWER every time he opened his mouth. I can tell that the person he use to be, he wish he still was, and he wants others to KNOW his history. Now I know why he acts this way. Wow, if you keep on listening you will learn a lot from people.
So………. TODAY .. as I was going downstairs to the convenient store, he got on the elevator on the 3rd floor* … I was already on with another guy. When he first saw me BEFORE he could talk slick…… I GAVE HIM MY ESTER LOOK LaWanda-Page-as-Esther
 … LOL LOL LOL I SWEAR he bought his self down 9 notches. As I look back on it… its funny. I don’t play that side talking, slick mess. I don’t care what you owned, what you bought, what kind of car you drove, how many pretty women you’ve been with, how much money you made…. BRING THAT ARROGANCE DOWN WHEN YOURE TALKING TO ME… I’m not your audience member…….BOO! * rolls eyes for 40 minutes straight before opening them*
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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