I must talk about The Haves and The Have Nots!!! Tonight was FIYAH!! Tyler Perry wrote that… yeah …. he wrote that!

Veronica is out cold!!! The ICE QUEEN for real. Those lil sneaky smiles had me cracking up. I knew once she didn’t answer the phone… it was a wrap for her husband. Dang….. I guess men really think that way…. if you’re not there for me… somebody else will be. He went in the next room like … baby I’m here. Ahh man, I hope he don’t do it…cause if/when Veronica find out… its gon get UGLY. But it seems to me that Veronica is so gone over the fact that her son is gay, that she can’t see that eventually her marriage could be over. Maybe she don’t care right now. I loved when her husband said… “I don’t know you”. She said this season she wanted to play a more darker role…. she’s playing it too. I love her husband for her tho… man….once a man cheat… I dunno.. hard to forgive that.

Amanda….. that song she was singing.. Eenie meenie miney moe… that is SO spooky to me. Then she skipped around the house.. Oh lawd…. I started to get up and turn ON all the lights in my apartment.  LOL Then she make her eyes go this certain way with this spooky smile. The gurl is good. I think Wyatt got shot. I can’t see her shooting herself. I don’t see where his story line could go after all that work Jim did to keep him out of jail. That was a perfect night for someone to get shot, the same night GOONS came and snatched up Jim. Amanda is going to get away with that one.

But Jan 2015… dang Tyler 🙂

Be Blessed

One Reply to “The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS”

  1. Last night show was amazing had me on the edge of my seat. That Celine is a hot mess, Jim need to be fixed. Veronica is a trip not all of us that are married act like that. Candace needs help, Benny is great. Veronica husband surprised me for going in the room with the lady from the campaign can someone say OMG. Amanda girl you need help singing that song OMG. I can’t wait until the next season ok Tyler when is it coming out. Jeffery is a mess boy tell your ma what is what but don’t be disrespectful. Wyatt is a trip he knows he killed that lil girl and Jim needs what is coming to him for doing what he is doing to his wife. I think she may have shot Wyat, her mom or even Celine. That is who was left in the house. And how she gonna hook up with Quincy that child is crazy you see how he put them paws on Jim last night OMG OMG.


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