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Hello Family!

Wow what a breakthrough for Nene Leakes, MEEEE and hopefully the others on the show.

Father God in the name of JESUS… I hope thousands and thousands saw tonight’s RHOA and got in on the healing that took place at the end of the show. When Part 1 of RHOA Reunion Show aired… I kept looking at Nene real hard, it was something in her eyes that told me she was at a breaking point, sorta at a place where she didn’t want to fight anymore. A place where she just wanted to agree and not argue or debate. She’s enjoying much success in her life, and sometimes that could be hard when your past keeps coming back to remind you of where you came from.

I cried like a baby watching her breakthrough. For the first time since I met her on RHOA, I finally UNDERSTAND her. I get it. I get her. Lets all be real here NENE LEAKES IS RHOA! Flat out. She’s the driver of the show, and people want to be her friend. She’s funny, she keeps it real, she’s loyal (( she can throw shade)), and she seems to be a person who will help you out if you need her. I found out tonight that LOYALITY is EVERYTHING to her. Support means A LOT, and she looks for people close to her to be just that. She EXPECTS it.. and I’m so glad CYNTHIA BAILEY got up and went back stage with her. I cried. I cried. I cried. Even though they had fallen out, Cynthia looked at it like this….. “that’s MY FRIEND past or present… I know we’re not talking right now… and that’s cool.” “But she’s in a lot of pain and I cannot/will not sit on this couch and watch her go through this without me being there for her.” That was so big of her, and you can clearly see it in Nene’s face how she felt about Cynthia being there for her. She even Tweeted it. Ah… I was so proud of Nene and Cynthia.

Nene has ABANDONMENT issues steming from NOT ONE.. but both parents. I found out in my study that people who have these issues from parents…. often come off as being “tough” “aggressive” “argumentative ” and “defensive”. ((( MY dad))) I will share that story later))) They’re looked at as being SOOOOO tough, that people tend to overlook the fact that they too have issues. That they need loyal friends in their lives to listen to them as well. But the thing is… its not easy for these people to open up. Because they’re so busy being an ear for others. It may take a while for them to draw near to someone, but when they do…. they expect for them to be LOYAL to the end. When you see their number on the caller ID, and they need you, you better answer. And I see this in Nene. Now I see why she always say “you haven’t been a friend to me.” Being a friend to her is VERY SERIOUS.

Her husband found out this same thing. I LOVE him for her, because this time around he got it. She loves him, he knows her heart, and she trusts him. All she wants is to be loved and to be able to trust someone with her heart, her past, and her future. UM UM UM. Nene is wore out from arguing with these group of women. She’s tired. And she have good reason.

What I want to tell Nene is that….. the reason why your mom sent you and your sibling(s) to live with your aunt.. is because




She knew that you would make it. She knew that in order for your other siblings to survive… she had to send her strongest child. LOOK AT YOU NOW… and I say that in HARD WORK.. not in licking your tongue out to her or anyone else in your family as in.. Nah- nah- nah- nah- nah. SHE KNEW YOU WERE STRONG, SHE KNEW YOU WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL.. Its okay Nene.. its okay. Cry everyday if you need too. Cry every night before bed. Allow yourself to ask questions… be submissive, be humble. GO BACK AND DEMAND answers from anyone you need to ask questions. GET YOUR ANSWERS, TAKE THEM HOME, PRAY OVER THEM, COME TO YOUR CONCLUSION…. THEN KEEP IT MOVING. In humbleness….. and UNDERSTANDING.

I also found out that having these types of issues from a mother… causes miscommunication/communication problems……WITH other WOMEN. Tonight, I looked at every woman on that stage, and Nene has slayed everyone of them with that tongue of hers * lol*. NENE can handle them all!!! LOL LOL I know it, the world knows it, and Nene knows it. But she’s tired of fighting with these gurls. And of course she doesn’t want/need to hear what she has done in the past. She needs forward healing, where she can get the answers she needs from her past, and then be able to MOVE ON!!! I found out that a person will say to themselves.. if my mom has done this to me and I have gotten over it.. “WHAT CAN ANYBODY ELSE DO TO ME?” And so they take on these thoughts, go out into the world, and fight anyone who comes for them. In their minds, they have enough energy to go around. But if you allow that negative energy to come into your space.. you’ll start thinking …….. How does my then match up with my NOW * which is so great and successful* and you wonder if you deserve this? Or, you wonder how did I come to this place, when my past was far from good.

It was a JOY to see NENE so humble, and giving them whatever they needed to hear **you’re right, and I’m wrong**… in the name of PEACE.

You don’t have to fight anymore boo. You are Nene Leakes and you don’t have to do anything else!!!

I AM La’Crease ((( and I don’t have to do anything else)))

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Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou


Women Let’s Come To A Place/BLOG


((( My friends TC, Kema & MG)))

I’m always thinking about the relationships between women, and how we can communication without being offended all of the time. I use to be a person of constant confusion. Always the one arguing and debating with someone out of the group. When I debated I went hard, non stop, making examples and proving points.

Today 2015, I don’t have time for that.  I will shut down an argument before a person could finish a sentence. Looking back, I didn’t have peace within myself. I was always in my own way, always had to prove someone wrong, always wanted to be right. UGH… so glad God had me to step out of my own picture so that I can see it from a distance. Now, don’t get me wrong… this Virgo can go toe to toe in a nice respectful debate * I raised a Lawyer* it doesn’t have a hold of me anymore. I don’t have to go hours. I can say what I have to say and be quiet. OMG I love that about myself now. Its so fun to be quiet. Ask the question.. and leave it alone. But the point I’m making is… Women have to come to a place where we can say  what we have to say in a respectful tone, and keep it moving. We’re so quick to fly off the handle.

One of my coworkers came into work late last night. As she was talking to a group of people, another coworker asked her a question. Not sure how it was asked, or how it was received, but the ladies got into a heated argument. It was way out of character for them both, so as I as exiting the restroom, the gurl who was asked a question was in there too. I asked her what happened out there? She looked at me with tears in her eyes, she said I lost my grandfather today, and the hard part about it is.. I never seen my grandma go crazy like that. It was so sad seeing her this way, she burst out crying. She said you know I never get into it with anyone, she said I hold a lot in, but this is bothering me because I loved my grandparents and its sad to see my grandma this way. I gave her a hug. Told her this is why you got into it with the other young lady. I said that was not you or her at all. After comforting her, I asked if it was alright if I shared that information with the other gurl so that they can clear things up. She said yes, and as soon as I talked with the other gurl, she went right to her immediately and they talked.

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes we need to communicate whats going on with us. Especially if we’re going to stay in the presence of others. Sometimes its hard to open up to others about personal matters, but its the PEACE TO UNDERSTANDING. All is well with the ladies. Amen!

I AM La’Crease ((( I don’t need to do anything else)))

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My Sister Peedie Crees Blog Entry

I guess I’m in a writing mood tonight. Its cold outside… no school, no work. I’m about to bake me some Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies after writing this and chill out!!! LOL I’m feeling REAL good right about now.
Even though my circle is small…. I know a lot of people. There was a time that if you didn’t agree with what I’m saying….then I figured why should WE be friends? I would speak to you when I saw you… but I had no intentions on dealing with you again. I’m so glad GOD got on me about that. That’s terrible to be that way just because somebody don’t agree with you. I want to share this story.
My family LOVES banana pudding. My momma makes it from scratch… She has her double boiler and she gets down. She uses Nabisco Wafers. and pretty yellow ripe bananas. My brother likes it, but not as much as me and my 2 sisters. So this is what she * my mom* does now. She’ll make a BIG GLASS BOWL for the grand kids, my daddy and who ever is over. Then she’ll make MY own bowl, MY SISTER YOLANDA own bowl, and MY SISTER PEEDIE own bowl of banana pudding. My sisters don’t too much care for the bananas, but I LOVE THEM. SO, mines would have them, and they would just have the cookies in theirs.
I noticed years ago, that when my baby sister Peedie come over to my house she would always want to leave with something of mines. I say to myself.. “why does she always ask me could she have something that she see on my dresser, in the refrigerator, or on my desk. I WOULD GET SO MAD AT HER… because I didn’t understand. This gurl has everything she ever needs. But it was just something about my stuff. So, one day I asked God why does she do that. At one point when I knew she was coming over, I would hide the stuff that I KNEW SHE WOULD ASK FOR. LOL
God said to me… remember when she was a little gurl she would beg your mother to get YOUR WHOPPINGS for you? I said yeaaa.. we always talk about that. He explained to me how much Peedie loves me. How much she admires me, and how much she listens to my advice. He said you have more of effect on her than you realize. He said don’t say nothing just pay attention to when she come over, and how she listens to you. Pay attention to how she always want your stuff…. just to be apart of it, and not to completely take it away from you. I said wow…. just thinking about certain situations made me think. I never thought about it like that.
A few weeks ago.. my mom told us that she was making dinner and for all of us to be there around 4 on this one Sunday. Like she always does…. she made US ALL OUR OWN separate banana pudding bowls to take home…. mines with bananas and wafers, my sisters with just wafers. And also one HUGE GLASS BOWL for the others. We all were sitting at the table talking and laughing. My Sister Peedie got up opened the refrigerator and got her bowl out, she took a spoon got a few taste and put it back. Then she got the glass bowl out and made her a tiny tester portion. I laughed in my mind. She sat down first thing she asked me was… did I want some of hers. LOL I ate a little bit. Still thinking about what God told me… I laughed in my mind.
Then after a hour or 2, she got back up and went to get HER personal bowl out, she got a few spoon fulls then closed it back up. I said to my momma… now watch she OPEN MY BOWL and dig her spoon in mines. We sat and watched her.. it was so funny. God was right. So, as she was putting it back…… I said “Peedie,.. now my momma made us all our separate bowls of pudding…. why you digging in mines”? She started cracking up. She said you know I gotta always taste and go in your stuff. I said but PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND…. she said its something about YOUR STUFF. I LAUGHED WE all LAUGHED. She said… plus yours have bananas in it…. mine don’t. I said guuuuuuuuurl… the big bowl have bananas in it… you still want mines. We cracked up laughing.
The point in this is… UNDERSTANDING. Even if we don’t agree or understand why people do what they do, or act a certain way…. ITS OKAY.. Its not a bad thing, ask God for understanding of why they do the things they do. I promise, you will look at that person in a whole different light. I love my sister…. she loves me. I understand her now. Its NOT the STUFF that she wants… its the fact that it belongs to ME.
peedie my baby
Please watch this VIDEO…. to get a visual picture of UNDERSTANDING. #understanding

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy