A Personal Relationship With God


Today is a nice day. My bestfriend Gloria came over to see me, she says the reason why we don’t go out any more is because of this computer. rofllllllll Well she’s right. I love this computer and the things that it brings.
Today I went to the grocery store and I was so nice to the customers and the cashiers. Not because its my neighborhood grocery store but because I wasn’t at work I guess. I don’t know. But I love that other side of Lacrease. I love her.
Lord, thank you for convicting me when I am wrong. I know sometimes I act stubborn and don’t want to do right, but thanks for letting me hear your voice. Yesterday at work we were in the lunch room having our normal God talks, and we were discussion how does a person know your voice.
 I told Mona my coworker, when you are in the grocery store and you are on one side of the building and one of your kids are on the other. I said if your daughter calls from across the store, you will know her voice. I said you will be able to tell if your child is in trouble, if she just want to know where you are in the store, even if she wants something. The point is by spending time with your child daily you can easily distinguish her/his voice from anyone that is calling out to you.
That’s how it is with God. If you spend time with him daily by having conversations with him, laughing with him, listening to him, and most important reading his word~ The Bible.  That’s how you will know his voice when he speaks to you. That’s called a personal relationship.
Its very important in the world today, people are going through things and they don’t even need too. Its because they don’t have any one to turn too. God is always there, but guilt keeps people from wanting to worship him. You can be just burned out of your house, no gas, no lights, no clothes no coat, and because of the guilt you are feeling from not having a relationship with him, will effect you when you really need him. And even though he will never turn his back on you, you still feel that you haven’t built up enough communication to even pray.
Start today, start talking, start looking for him, speak to him, allow him to convict you when you are wrong, and allow room in your life for a personal relationship with him today. Don’t just say it, don’t just know it, BUT DO IT!

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

-James D. Miles

One Reply to “A Personal Relationship With God”

  1. Yes and also remember to humble urself…i find that alot of people have problems GIVING it up! one woman told me she can’t give up control becuz she controls HER life….i was like lol, ok! PRAY! i dunno, u know…its hard to convince someone…they have to say to themselves u know what i am not doing it right, let me try another way….


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