Blitz Day

Today was a very good day. My coworker KiKi stay the night with me, because we had to be there at 4 am this morning. Today was Blitz Day (Black Friday) the official Holiday kick off of the season. It was so cold outside I didn’t think any one was going to be there. When we pulled up in the parking lot this morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. People was everywhere. When LP opened the doors to the stores today, people ran in, walked in, pushed in, fought in, and went to their favorite merchandise to buy for themselves, family and friends, It was so exciting to see them run in the store that way they did. We clapped and cheered them on. Its a feeling that I must have in my system on the day after Thanksgiving.


Walmart had a lot of sales too. For all the prices they didn’t beat they compared them to other stores and challenged the customers to shop at Walmart for anything. Time went fast too. When it was time for my first break 3 whole plus hours later, I didn’t realize time had went by so quickly.


I got off work at 1:30. I flew out of that place. I was so sleepy on my lunch break that I took me a hot nap, and that carried me to my last 2 hours and 15 minutes. Then soon as I got back on my register, there was a page over head for a gray malibu and a Danali truck to move. They page a hundred times for me and Ki Ki to realize that we had to go outside round back to move our vehicles. That burned some time, I took my last break, got      back on for a hot 15 and that gurl they call Credog was OUT! I  was tiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!


Yesterday I spent Thanksgiving with my family at my sisters house. It was cool too. We had everything for dinner, plus I was with my family and I was good to go.


Today when I for home from work Charlene called mee. She had her cousin on the phone who is addicted to Walmart. Her and Charlene told me that they went to Walmart on 23 mile and cleaned house. Im so happy for Charlene cause she wanted that Sponge Bob and Dora The Explorer TV and VCR combo for $98.00, She got it and Im happy for her.


I got to thinking about me and Charlene’s friendship. And no matter how often we talk ott how many days in between we dont talk, she is really my best friend for now and always. I love Charlene. She is a Leo and I so understand her. We dont always agree but she is my true friend and I am so happy to have known her. WE are adults we disagree in adult ways. If she aint feeling me we automaticly shut the conversation down before it goes to far, I love that about her, and then we talk about it later. Have it always been that way NO! We use to argu like cats and dogs, but if we had to go through that to be where we are today…………….I’ll do it again. She is one of the few people that I love and trust.


Lord Thank you for a true friend for over 18 years. Lord thank you for Charlene Weathers-Hayes for being a real friend over the years.





Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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