January 01, 2006

Thank you Lord, for letting me see another year! Thank you Lord, you are on my side.  


 I know I didn\’t go to Church tonight, but I did spend  New Year\’s with my family. We went over to Darah\’s beautiful lovely home. Oh Lord Jesus I have seen what you can do for me through her home tonight. Lord, Lord, Lord. What a blessing! See that\’s what Im talking about. You keep on showing me all these beautiful things that prayer can bring. Things that I would love and enjoy. Tomorrow I am getting up and Im doing some cleaning in my house. I Thank you for my house, its beautiful too. I know I can stand to be more creative, and Im going to work on that. But Thanks for giving me that ump I needed by seeing her home.  


 Work was okay tonight. I went in from 4-8 we closed at 8. Some employees were saying that we had to stay a little after 8 to get the customers out of the store. Guess you know I was at the time clock at 8:01. I feel that if Im schedule till 8, then I leave at 8. I don\’t care how many people are in the store. I had plans, and I made sure I got to them too. If the store managers made sure their jobs were done ,then we can get out of the store at 8. But when you have so many \”plant managers\” pointing their fingers, and supervising, not help getting the job done, then I feel that\’s their fault. I did what I came to do, and then I was out!  


  • The first thing I want to work on for this year. Is my tithing. This is very serious to me. God will get his off top, first, its going to be counted just as I do my light and gas bill, my rent and phone. I know its going to be challenging in the beginning, but its okay, cause I have to do it. I have too. I have too.


  • Secondly, I have to join a weight support group. I am going to WW on Tuesday, to see what\’s up with a meeting and a plan. This is very important to me.


  • Finally, I want to be more mindful of the small things in life. Such as calling a friend/returning phone calls, sending and remembering family and friends BD\’s and being creative in what I do for them. This is something I have to do for myself. I want to be mindful in keeping a clean car, and neat atmosphere in my computer room and desk areas, bed room and entire house. I will be more mindful in those things this year.


  Last night I had a dream that I met Tyler Perry. He was so sweet, he looked different, but had that same personality. I even asked him did he know Pearls of Wisdom from his message board, and he was like yesssssss, which one are you?  I said Im  Lacrease. He hugged me and I was so geeked. Then I asked him was this his name *** from the message board and he bust out laughing, saying yessssss thats me. I was so geeked. So somehow Phyllis came in the room, and I whispered in her ear (I was talking loud tho, I remember that) I said Phyllis he said that is his initials, and email address. We laughed and that was it. I pray that I meet him this year. I met Anita Baker, and Gerald Levert last year 2005, and took pictures with them both! Yes both, and now Tyler is the last one on my list to meet. And when we do meet we are going to become friends. I mean real real real good friends, watch and see.  I can feel it, deep down in my soul. Remember I said it first, right here on this blog. Lacrease and Tyler Perry and going to be very close friends for life~!  


 Well, Im closing for now, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and if you haven\’t already, please find God. He is so nice and so friendly, he wants to build a relationship with you. So please if you are reading this blog, remember that from me, to make this year the year you bond with him.

  God Bless You

Lacrease~ P.O.W. ( Pearls of Wisdom)



 \”I use to say to my parents all the time, I can\’t wait till I get grown and move out. I felt that I could do anything I wanted. Then when I got grown, I started making wrong decisions, and bad choices. Then one day I will never forget Lord, what you said……… Lacrease, you are grown, but you still have to answer to me.\”


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