What goes around………………..yelp you guessed it……………..comes around!

Today, I have got to say God has been good to me. See I try to learn lessons from the situation that I find myself in. And then I just laugh at God ( in a good way) cause he is always behind something that concerns me. That’s why I love him so much. When I say he looks after me……………… I mean that. He loves me, and the more he loves me, the more I love me. And the more I want what’s best for me, and so does he.


At work, I was the door greeter for the night. And before I started working in Walmart, I would go in Circuit City, Kmart, and act a straight fool on the door greeter if they ask for my receipt. I would put on my clown suit at the register, and cut up when it was time to leave out of the store.

But tonight I…………………. was the door greeter.

This black guy well dressed, older maybe in his 50’s with his wife and some other guy, was leaving the building as I said to him…may I see your receipt please? I can tell from the look on his wife face, that her husband was about to nut up on me. She was reading me and I was reading her, but I was focused on him because he had the receipt so I ………looked at him like “run dat receipt”. He got sooooooooo upset, OMGGGGG he looked at me and wanted to go off, but instead of going off he said “you cant see what’s in my bags if Im stealing, you still can’t see what I got if I show you the receipt.” In just that little time he made me mad.


So before anything flared up…………….. God told me to sing. I broke out with my famous one word song…………………..JEEEEEEEEEESUSSSSSSSSS! He looked at me like I was crazy, ……..like where did that come from??? They all looked at me, and I said its better for me to sing Jesssssssssus then to let my flesh rise up. Do you know THAT MAN turned around and looked at me like I was one of his kids, who had just talked back to him? So I was looking at him like yeah I said it………… I started singing again Jeeeesusssssssssss. He stared at me, and then walked out of the door.


I had to walk away, because see God knows what calms me down. Thats why you have to have a relationship with God these days. Because Lacrease wanted to get with him, but God who lives inside of me don’t want me to be disrespectful. He dont want me saying anything I want. I had to walk away and say God help me, please God, I even asked him why he dont let me get with some of these people that say what they want to me. Why can’t I get them Lord? Please just let me get them one good time? But after about 2 mintues he brings me back down to reality that it just aint go happen. And once he let me cool down today, I laughed cause its so funny to me. Cause you know its God when you let him calm you down and you cant even see him. I dont always need to go to somebody and need calming down, cause God will be like..you need me Crease? You need to talk? You need some time out? lollll

But you know it goes to show you how you cant treat people any ole way. You have to be mindful that one day its them, but tomorrow it can be you~ My Pastor Edgar Vann


Matthew 26:41 (King James Version)

41Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.



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