Dayum Bugs!

Stock Photo of a Spider

Stock Photo of a Carpenter Ant

This is delicated to my sister Yolanda! She will jump out of a moving car while driving to get away from a Bee. ( And she did)
Ok yall bout to be hollering when I tell yall this.
 Why I was in the basement this morning ironing my clothes for work, when I heard this bug noise by the window. Im like dangggggg whats that noise, it sound like a fly. So I looked up at the window …………..why it was a Bee??????? You know I was hollering right???! So I let him stay there, but I was watching his butt still ironing. But why the dogone Bee go leave the window and try to come ova there by me? So you know I was about to hit it up the stairs? K, why I looked over there against the wall and remembered I had some bug spray. So, I went got it, turned the pump on, tipped over by the window where the Bee was and started spraying his butt!!!!!! I got that nicka drunk on bug spray. Do you know this fool was still moving in the bug juice, drunk as I don’t know what.
My eyes were this big 00.  My mind started playing tricks on me. So I tippee toed back to put the spray down, and something told me to look at my fingers where you hold the pump spray, WHY IT WAS ANOTHER BASEMENT BUG ON THE PUMP? It looked like a snail. I just started screaminggggggggggggg and holleringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. I threw the spray down and flew up the steps. lolllllll
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I was irritated! Ughhhhh
Stock photo of Arizona bark scorpion pair
I hate bugs! Which leads me to this question.
What is it that you cannot stand, bugs, grass, ants, spiders, name any phobia. And tell a short story if youre in the mood.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

10 Replies to “Dayum Bugs!”

  1. Hello sis good to see ya.. I must say I have missed ur blogs.They are always so good…..
    I cant stand spiders and roaches and fly’s I dislike them because anything I spray with black flag that can still get back up and walk away is too much for me, there nasty both can be found around anything from food to trash to dead people or things, and think about everytime a fly lands it spits on the surface to beginning eating ewwwwwwwww. once I was at a barbeque my drink was next to me didn’t see the fly go in imagine this picking up my cup while talking not paying attention started drinking my drink then I look in my cup awwwwwww a fly is floating in my cup well you all know what happen next I dropped the cup and started running straight for the bathroom…GROSSSSSSSS
    Me and spiders do not get along because I spent four days in the hospital from a spider bite it got me while I was sleeping I hate them because there so dangerous
    Think about they can bite you next thing you have a whole in you rotten out now that’s bad and my oldest son loves spiders he wants to be like good ole spiddy so bad I have to explain to him almost everyday spiders are not good. well I think that covers it oh nope wait one more I have a thing about a movie yes a movie the exorcist you can not even bring this movie into my house I will not watch this movie for all the money in the world that lil girl linda blarr scares me 4REAL, Plus I was always told watching stuff like that opens door ways for the devil to slide right and if wants to get me he will have to get in breaking in not by me opening the door ok now I think that’s it……………

    Much love sis


  2. Cre I don’t mess around with no bugs..or rodents.. I’ve dropped telephone books on bugs and just rolled out …..I can’t stick around and see what happens…. and dem dang gone flying water bugs …. oh no .. I can’t do it how can a bug that big fly ?? You can rob me with a dang gone bug …lol I swear .. I remember when I was young about 12 it was late one nite mom came into my room to wake me up.. she was like get your coat and stuff on we about to go .. I was like where we going mama , its soo late . She was like I think I seen a mouse in the kitchen, we going over to your aunties house ..LOL.. I was like ok and got my self up and we rolled out at like 2 am.. LOL
    So I get it from my mama.. LOL I don’t play or stay when it comes to the bugs and rodents…. Naww Baby……


  3. I will not grab a whole plate at picnics because of bugs… That bbq & food will be smelling So— good but if I can’t wrap it up in a napkin & eat it real quick… forget about it. I’m not fixing a plate… I’m not doing the “Shew-fly-shew” fan with the hand & now-a-days it’s not just flies…

    I don’t like spiders, flies, bees, centipedes & anything else considered a rodent or bug. But, I’m not scared of them. I’ll kill it in a minute if it’s in the house. Don’t stock up on sprays… The good ole’ shoe & paper-towel is good for me. :o)


  4. i hate bees because [take this post down within 3 days] while at a picnic with a beatiful sister i was sitting there looking good and smeeling sweet when this bee started flying around big man i am i slapped him back to his tree he went back and came with his momma daddy sisters and brothers they chased me off a hillside i got stung 26 times i have never done another picnic .i know perfet love casteth out all fear but i do not go back to the devils camp


  5. Hey Lady Singleton good to see you back gurl! Oh gurl I know you had a fit when that cup had a fly in it. I would have screamed and ran too. lol

    Coco only you would say : You can rob me with some bugs. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GURLLLLLLL I WAS CRACKING UP READING THAT!





  6. ROFLMAO…Girl, you got my stomach hurting over here. What you described is so like me! I have almost killed myself running from a wasp, bee, spider…trying to kill something with a broom from far away and all the while jumping and screaming. On my lunch hour one day, me and my friends were sitting on the bench and one of them said a spider was on my blouse, I nearly came out of it right there on the street…screaming. LOL We talked about that tonight at a bbq. I have been known to leave my house to get away from a bug and go get a neighbor to come in and kill it. This was too funny!!!


  7. Oh that gurl they call Credog got jokes – huh! Well you are right I hate ALL BUGS! They can die and go to hell for all I care. And yes 360 family I did jump out of a moving car because of a Bee. Let me tell the story since somebody already done told half my business…….

    Me and my daddy was driving to get something (I can’t remember what), and all of a sudden I hear this noise (I have bionic ears). I look up and it’s a black and yellow Queen Bee, yall know I said, “This Bee can have this ride!” and I jumped my ass out while the car was still moving! My daddy was hollerrringggggggggggggggg for about 20 minutes because I wouldn’t get back in the car. He swore that he was gonna leave me, he said that he was gonna beat my tail, he said everythang, but I didn’t care as long as that Bee was still in the car. So after I got cursed out, and the Bee was gone, I finally got back in. He said that he wasn’t gonna eva let me go with him anywhere, I said who cares because you got them Bees to ride with you – lol!!!!!


  8. Miss Dee, girl, I moved out of a house because of Bees. I don’t play either, and yes I have almost come up out of my clothes because of a bug as well, and I ain’t even ashamed – lol!


  9. Im ova here holleringggggggg!!!!!!! And yall know whats so funny? If bugs knew what kind of power they had they would be taking over our houses, our cabinets, our food, they would dog us OUT! Im so glad they don’t know, cause I aint lying, they will take over me for real! Just imagine they would be chasing people for their food. what if they could join the police force? They would get a lot of people lollllllllllllllllllllllll Can you imagine a centipede on the police force? When the criminal is at home sleeping, him and his boys would go and invade his face and arms, legs, ears. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh and then turn him in to the police department. Yukkkkk. Ok this has gon to far…………Im out! lolllllllll ROFLLL


    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


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