People in Authority

Hey Yahoo!
I know its been a while, guess I have been busy and not blogging the way I know how. I enjoy stopping by and reading blogs, I really learn a lot from yall for real! I love to read, so Im telling you, I can sit for hours on this computer like I aint got nothing else to do in the world. lolll Its all good tho.
Well tonight I need to vent, cause I swear Im bout to exploded. For one, I cant stand people and will not hesitate to confront those who like to throw their authority around over someone. The story Im about to tell is so why the bible talks tells us that God is the one who cares and takes care of us. If you leave it up to man they will disappoint you everytime.Psalm 146 (New International Version) 3 Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. 4 When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.
A few weeks ago, my coworker came up to me and was telling me that the night before, when it came time to punch out @ 10:30 that the manger of the store stood at the front door and made people go back to the time clock and punch back in because the store wasn\’t clean. Now no member of management is suppose to say a word to you after you are  punched off the clock. If you are on lunch and you have clocked out ( one hour is our lunch time) they are suppose to wait until you punch back in to ask you anything. Its funny how when you are on lunch and you see a manager and need to ask a quick question how fast they will brush you off and say, \”I cant talk to you right now you\’re on lunch\”. But as soon as it benefits them its okay. Well I don\’t play that mess! Don\’t even look at me when I\’m on lunch, dont mention anything to me work related at all.
 Well, some people were so afraid of losing their jobs that they went back and punched back in. I was sooooooooooooo upset when I heard that. Our store manger knows doggond well that if you are scheduled to work until 10:30 and you punch out at 10:30 that its time for you to go home. I don\’t care of the store was cleaned or not. That\’s the Assistant managers job to make sure that the store was cleaned before it was time for those employees to leave. They have a list of folks name who is suppose to leave. We are cashiers. When the store is closed at 10:00 and all the guest are gone by 10:15 I don\’t mind  and will do anything they ask inside those 15 minutes. I\’m not going to ring up and handle all the money in the store of 7hrs and 45 minutes, then go to a department and make sure its in tip top  condition before I leave. YEAHHHHHHH WHATEVAThat\’s not my job. I do what I can inside of what\’s left.
Do yall know people had their rides outside waiting for them, some had to catch the bus home, some had to pick up their kids from the babysitter. It was so sad how much power the manager had over these women, who came to work done their jobs and couldn\’t leave the store, because they had to punch back in and work over their schedule time. If I sit here and think about it to hard, I will cry. Because that is wrong. She knows that is wrong but she is only going to do it because she needs the store cleaned, and she knows how much power she has over their jobs. She knows they don\’t want any trouble. One gurl cried, and still she had to punch back in and work until Debbie \”call it\”. Means call it quits for the night.
See but you know what? It could neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  be me . Every night I close, I hope and I wish one of them would say that to me. See let me say this. Debbie knows that if she goes and stand by the time clock and tell folks they cant punch out,  she would be on camera, because its a camera right there. If she really wanted them to stay, she would block the time clock, but she\’s smart. so she stands by the  front door AND TALK TO THEM WHILE THEY ARE OFF THE CLOCK, THAT IS A Violation AGAINST WALMART AND ITS EMPLOYEES! And she knows it. So the people that know its wrong without a doubt were looking at her like she was crazy, walked right passed her and out the door. (hehe)
I\’m not even going to lie, if she everrrrrrrrr in her lifeeeeeeee (the Christmas Season is coming too) tells me after or before its time for me to leave, that I have to punch back in, I\’m going to set it off! Not in a bad way, but Im going to make sure that I say what I have to in front of everybody, in a nice, aggressive voice, and a facial expression that\’s going to take her back to her mom getting on her about something in her teen years. And that\’s on everythang!
Years ago, I signed a paper saying my availability is from 6 am to 10:30pm. They can use me inside those hours anything after those hours IS ON MY TIME! By the time clock we have a schedule that\’s written 3 weeks in advance and it says under my name when I can start and how long I can stay. They paper that\’s SIGNED by a manager 2 years, will stand up in any court of Law!
I would say Debbie…………….first of all. You have no business  saying anything to me work related ( when she tells me to punch back in). . That\’s Walmart\’s policy and you know it!
 # 2. I signed a paper stating that my availability is until 10:30 pm. I gave you 9 hours today( im full time) and so anytime after that, you are ASKING ME TO STAY , not telling me.
#3 Then the final thing, I\’m going to tell her that I\’m going to call the 1800WALMART# and ask them why do the managers still talk to the employees at OUR store after they have punched out, BUT not at other stores. ( put her out there)
Our manager doesn\’t have any kids, or boyfriend. So she don\’t know or have a clue as too what its like for your child to be sick, or you have to take a leave of absent because you have to take care of your mother or father. She feels that even though she cant say with her own mouth and words that everyone should be like her, she treats people the way she lives her life. The compassion is so not there. I just don\’t know what to say. except, I\’m waiting on a night for her to tell me to punch back in.
This is one of the reasons why you can\’t treasure your job, because its everyday people like my manager, that will make sure they can make you or break you. See I don\’t have to look at my past with walmart and hold anything back that night she ask me to punch back in. NONE OF THEM HAVE ANYTHING over my head. When people got something over you, please believe that you are under their spell. They cant threatened me with my job, because I know I\’m there for a season. I know when God says its time to go, its time to go. But I will make sure its not on my part.
 If you don\’t know anything else, know that God is in charge, yeahhhhhhhh even at your $45.000 job. @ your $20,000 job, @ your $75,000 a year job. Know that when God says its time to leave, its time to leave. Stick with the truth, and die for it. Do what\’s right in the first place, and no one will have anything over your head.

2 Replies to “People in Authority”

  1. Cre’ said;
    “Let there come a dayyyyyyyyyyyyy
    any of them even think about doing
    her like that, they betta’ KNOW
    on THAT DAY their lives will become
    Chopped and Screwed from that day forth.” (LOL)

    Now— I know I talked a lot of stuff about how much I couldn’t stand DTE when I was there… Those moments were one of my best, having the ability to say yes or no to overtime. It was no pressure if you had to leave you had to leave. The only time we were required to stay over was during storm which was “when it was storming” Winterstorm, Thunderstorm, Severe Rain, Tornado or whatever. Any kind of “Bad weather” including certain situations like the BIG BLACK OUT when the electricity was out over several states.

    Most of the time it was 2-4hrs over our reg. shift during storm. That was in our contract and everyone understood that. But just on any ordinary day? They couldn’t “tell” us we “had” to stay. Often they would ask and some of us jumped on that overtime.

    LOL I’m still laughing!
    Credawggggggggggg doesn’t HOPE
    she said……..

    “I wish A Manager Woulddddddddddd”

    ~ T


  2. Am I seeing things correctly…. Is that a dead rat, mouse, squirrel or something?

    It sure is ugly……. Now, I need to look at someone else’s blog to get that photo out of my head before I go to bed… I might have some kind of freaked out dream!

    ~ T


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