Its a new day! God is on the move!

Hey Family!
What is going on? Well I have been on \”some otha stuff\” but ya gurl is back! Im going to try my best to keep blogging, I have so much to share that I have headaches, it needs to come out. Some of it has came out to my friends co worker ( Thanks KiKi) and some I\’m going to share with you all.
Where do I begin? When I first moved into this house 4 years ago, I layed on my couched and visioned people sitting all around my living room, I vision it being so filled up with people that it was mad crazy. And I was actually teaching the word of God. It tripped me out because I read my bible and I pray a whole lot, and I have a very close relationship with God, but I cant see my self teaching like I was doing when I visioned it. The trip thing about it is. Im the silly gurl in the bunch, Im the one who will say something so crazy that you have you in stitches. But to see myself \”teaching\” scriptures from the bible and break it down contradict with my shyness and getting up in front of people.
But when God came to me and told me that I was going to start a Teen Ministry, I was like okay good………….I can see that. I love kids. I love talking to them, I do that all the time anyway. But it was hard to vision it actually happening. I thought about it all day. Till one day someone that I didn\’t know told me that I was going to have a teen ministry and that the time is now! So I was like NOW? They said that God said NOW! But little did this person know that I had already set a date for my first meeting for August 13, 2006.
As you all know I had 17 teens for my first meeting. The second time I had 23, and now its almost 30! Its been only 3 months. What happened was somebody went home and told somebody, then they told somebody, then they told somebody, and that\’s how it spread. Now I have so many teens that I have to move ALL my furniture out of my living room, just to have accommodate them.  This Sunday after Church, I have to move all my furniture to another room just so they could sit down.
We had our First \”Destiny\” Hotel Party last weekend! We had a ball do ya hear me?  I got to the rooms ( we had 3) and at first we were like okay its kinda small, next time I\’m going to do my homework on hotel rooms. But when we realized the advantage we had by having 3 rooms we had a ball!!
When all the gurls arrived it was a total of 22 teens, but including me and KiKi it was 24 of us! WE walked directly next door and went to the arcade, we played pool, we went go cart racing, arcade games and all. We stayed there for a couple of hours, then we went back to the room and put on our Pj\’s we went room  to room alllllllllllllll night like a bunch of kids lolllllll. We had so many goodies and juice and pop and food it didnt make no sense! ( In a good way). We bought 9 gifts, some very nice ones at that, for our contest and hair show. We didnt have the hair contest, be we did have dance contest and singing contest. These gurls are badddddddddddddddddddd! They are talented!
But thats not what I wanted to tell you.
We had some drama and Im going to share it in my next blog entry. ( hehehe) ( dont be mad at me!
Tyler Perry\’s
Daddy\’s Little Girls
Febuary 14, 2007
get life. teach love

4 Replies to “Its a new day! God is on the move!”



  2. You wrong as two left shoes on a dog with no legs – lol! How you gonna get everybody all geeked up to find out what’s going on and then you gonna laugh and say wait until next blog – you out yo mind gurl! lol


  3. He is so gr8
    that made me cry
    and i wuz juss talkin 2 Him

    right on time sis, ty
    i love u
    G0D blesss…u r truly a blessing to ur daughter, those gyrls and the 360 friends u have here an EVERYONE u come in contaqct with!!!



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