To make a long story short……….

My teens experience racism at the hotel.

They all got up for breakfast the next morning,  went down to the lobby, and when they showed up 14 deep, they were told to \”sit down and to line up for breakfast in 3\’s\”. But just as they were going to do as they were told, a big family of Chaldean\’s came down. The person in charge let them all line up together for breakfast, while my kids sit there and wait for them to finish.

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo outraged, That it was only God that kept me from going down and SETTING THE WHOLE BREAKFAST AREA OFF! When they came back to the rooms, some was upset, some couldnt believe it, and some wanted to RAISE THE ROOF. But me being their Leader I AM, they knew that I wouldnt like how they handled the sitaution, so they just sat there until their turn.

Later on that morning just before checkout. A few of my gurls went down and knocked on the housekeepers door and ask for some extra towels. The lady told them that she didnt have anymore… with an attitude. 

 That was the last straw. I couldnt put on my shoes fast enough!!!!!! I went down and bammed on the door, the lady came out and I SAID:  MAY I HAVE SOME BATH TOWELS, then she started  mumbling when she realized that the kids she said no to was with me. She went and got me some towels too, then I SAID TO HER: DIDNT MY KIDS JUST COME DOWN HERE AND ASK YOU FOR THESE SAME TOWELS? She gon say, I just got them in, I just got them in! I said ok………………….. she was sooooo scared. I tell people all the time you dont have to use colorful words, all the time, all you have to do is throw that strong eye contact on them, with a tone of voice thats low and HARD! That will pull it off. Body langauge , eye contact, and DIRECT WORDS will do it every time! ( wink)

Then later on when it was check out time, the receptionist guy, said to me………. your kids went through the housekeeping area this morning to breakfast! I WANTED TO SAY: ok anddddddddd do you think they meant to go TO THE WRONG DAYUM DOOR TO EAT???????? DAYUM DUMMY! But I said looking at him straight in the eye ( sarcasticly)…………. Sir, do you honestly think that if they knew the right door to go through, they would have went in through housekeeping? He said  well no. I said ok………………….COME ON YALL LETS GO!

You know whats funny about this whole thing? My kids kept watching me. lollllllll They couldnt stop looking at my facial expressions. They were watching to see if I would clown. I didnt and Im so glad, cause kids pay attention.



2 Replies to “To make a long story short……….”

  1. Lacrease, you get on the website for that hotel and you write out a complaint for every single little thing they did that was wrong and give them your address and phone number and I’m sure their corporate office will contact you and try to make things right. I have a $25 gift card right now from Best Western because it was the family reunion hotel for my son’s family in Kentucky and things weren’t right! It’s good at any hotel chain the parent company owns.


  2. I would make a complaint just like she says. As children of god of any color, we can be humble but not stepped on. They need to be handled for their actions. Bottom Line!!! i’m so sorry you and the kids had to experience that.


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