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Today was a good day at work………Thank you Jesus. Everyday I am becoming a better person in dealing with people and handling situations. A real leader sets the atmosphere of things in her/his jurisdiction, so in realizing that, I rarely have problems NOW and I am so happy. I think that God still has me there for a reason, whenever he says its time to move on, I\’ll be ready.

This weekend me, my 2 sisters and my 2 coworkers are going to Motor City Casino to have dinner @ 5pm. We get together every month just to be together and to share the new going ons in our lives. Mines is always boring, I\’m the gurl they call for advice for relationships, ( I don\’t even have one) for teens issues, ( mines is grown, in college and living on campus) husband/gurlfriend advice. I don\’t even have a husband!!! Its all good because all through the years of waiting on the Lord, I have learned plenty. I\’m not sitting for free. I\’m the teacher and I\’m in school. LOL

On my way to work, I was thinking about this teacher that I was in love with, OMGOODNESS. I love this man. I was a tutor for the 1st and 2ND graders. I can still see the way this man looked at me. He was very careful through. A few of the other teachers liked me, and HE KNEW IT. So he backed off. For years, and years working side by side with him, he always flirted, but that was it. I admire him for that to this day. If, I saw him today I would probably melt to pieces.

He was a real gentleman, he dressed nice, he looked good, he smelled good. He always spoke, he was polite. I would go to work every day, looking to see his car parked outside. If he wasn\’t there, I would be sad, but it was cool, I would look forward to him being there the next day. But, you know what I didn\’t like? The fact that he KNEW I dug him. I hated that. Because he had this magnet power over me, that I couldn\’t shake. When we were working he would look over at me, and I couldn\’t focus anymore. I had to shake myself off every time. He was able to pull off these sexy stares at me, that HE could shake off, but I couldn\’t. I was a secretive somebody too. I denied loving or liking him the way I did to anybody who would noticed and ask me about it. I heard he\’s married, has a child, quit teaching ( he was a math WIZARD) and owns his own glass company. I say…..go head brother…….Ms. Walker still loves ya, I wish you all the love in the world………..BE HAPPY! And Happy Birthday~ Oct 2.

My baby sister called me today and told me she LOVED ME, and that she misses me. Ah, ain\’t that so sweet? We live 1 minute away, and see each other all the time.

Last night my other sister Yolanda, came over, and we got on the subject of kids. How they come into this world brand new, fresh out of the box ( womb), they have their own scents, they don\’t know how to talk, or walk, cook, clean, work, or play. ANYTHING! And we sat up wondering, what goes wrong that a child end up telling the parents that bought them into this world, what the heck to do? I mean how does that happen? This child knew absolutely nothing, and now they are telling some of these parents what to do. In a lot of these cases, these punk parents don\’t get on drugs, don\’t die, or anything, they allow these kids to terrorize them and tell them what they can and cannot do. I just wanna know what WHAT THE HELL HAD HAPPENED? Brand new KIDS fresh out of the box (womb)?? I\’m sorry ain\’t no kid that grown, to be able to have that much power at the age of 6,7,8,9,10-18, NAW! To me they haven\’t got enough days on earth to do what I do.

This one lady came through my line today with her evil looking daughter who was sitting in the food part of the basket. The gurl was at least 6. She kept on trying to get out of the cart when her mother wanted her to stay in. This little gurl put a mean evil look on her face. I was like daaaaaaaaaaaaang. Her mother said: remember the rules before we got here, stop acting up! The gurl was looking at her mother like……\”I\’m running this\”. She kept kicking the groceries that her mother was trying to put in the basket after I bagged them. Then she said again, remember the rules?? I would have said one time\” Look gurl…………here\’s the deal!!!! You got one more time to kick these groceries, and its go (not going) be on and poppin. When you talk to kids you can\’t being saying in a nice singing voice. \”Remember the rulessssss\”. NO! HERE\’S THE DEAL!!! Sit yourself down in this basket, you\’re going to be quiet, and you\’re going to fix your face. I just don\’t understand how do you negotiate with these kids these days. I grew up with both my mom and dad, there was NO negotiating. It was either yea or nay. I see kids fall out on the floor, and their mothers are so embarrassed. How the heck are you the parent and you are embarrassed? You set the atmosphere, God put you in charge. You are the Leader. How is this child cutting up so bad, that you can\’t throw on your clown suit and nut up in the \”sto\”.

Let me say this. I\’m 40 years old, and when my momma give me that look. I swear, I forget that I even have bills in my name. I go back to that child who is 7 years old. I don\’t even have time to think, that\’s just how \”fear\” suppose to look like. If my momma call my name and the voice don\’t sound right, right then and there I\’m getting up from what I\’m doing and I go see what she wants, and the first thing I do is look at her face. These kids these days………………………….shoo………… they will look at YOU like they are the mommas. Sometimes I forget I\’m not the parent or any kin to the kids, because I give them a stare of my own. LOL I have to snap out of it. But you know what? I love kids!!! I love them so much, if you take care of them they will take care of you. They need plenty of attention, and no matter how much they cry, talk and whine, they are people, and if you are a good tree, you will have good fruit. I believe that with all my heart.

Well, I\’m closing. Tomorrow I want to do something on relationships leading up to Tyler Perry\’s movie Why did I get married?

Good night and God bless you


Ps. Heres a little something for the kids.


2 thoughts on “Cree Ramblings

  1. Not only the voice you knew if they said your middle name you were in big trouble…Funny how some people are so not into disciplining there kids and then wonder what went wrong…Love to read your blog have a great day..


  2. *running through the church saying AMEN THANKSSSSSSS YOU JESUS*

    Gurl, I wish MiniMe WOULD!!!!!! The **THOUGHT** of her acting a fool like that in public just MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!

    I got the look down to a science, alllllll I gotta do is look at her and she KNOWS WHATS UP! Her little face drops, I be trying not to laugh at her! LMBOOOOOOOO I got the stare down so good other kids will stop misbehaving if I look at them, then I will catch them looking at me outta the corner of their eyes!




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