Cree\’s Ramblings!

Today Im rambling, got a lot of things on my mind…….not bad…….. just things that need to be done and done according to my plans.

First off, I wrote down everything I need to do before my trip to ATL. I have to do this to a tee for real. Usually when I get paid I will shop in Walmart buying movies and stuff I really don\’t need. I just hate running out of stuff. I love going to the movies, and out to dinner with my family. But this time Im going to have to learn to say no to those things. I have to buy outfits for my trip, little things like earrings, night gowns, sandals, bras panties stuff like that. I like to have brand new things when I travel. Plus, I have some friends coming in from out of town for the Anita Baker concert July 12. Neisha is going to Ohio for the summer to be with her cousins on her dad side. She\’s been about 5 times already this year, that gurl travels more than me. This trip is really special because I get to see my Sister Pearls, and I love them so much. We all met on the Tyler Perry message board, who would have known? We love that man.

My good friend is getting married June 1, and I cant wait to see her walk down the aisle. I am going to snap so many photos its crazy, she deserves it. Guess what too? She works and supervise her swift at a Group Home, just the place I want to work for the rest of my life. She called me and told me that she can get me in this week!! I was like yesssssss. But I decided that I was going to wait until after this trip was over because I didnt want to lose them. Plus these are my paid vacation days that Im using to go to ATL. She understood and agreed. And she told me that when I was ready to let her know. Aint God good? Look at my daddy. He has always been good to me like that. Always!!!

Have you ever met back up with an old friend or someone you were cool with, and you have a lot of things to tell them, but you just can\’t do it in one sitting? You have to gain that persons trust before you lay everything out? And its not even about any gossip or people in general, but about what life, you, them, things in general. Men dont get that. Women do. Im just not the person to jump right into something and be like: Oh gurl/boy remember my cousin john? He got drafted into the NBA, or did you know that I moved 3 times since Jan? You make small talk with that person, then you get into the heavy stuff. I have this good friend that I love dearly, my family and her family called us *partners in crime*. I can tell you stuff we did, that I wouldnt reminse with her about. We were off the hook back in our days. So when I saw her again, we made small talk and how this person did and that person doing, then shoo after a while we got into the heavy stuff. LOL I mean stuff so heavy I was like dang!!!! FOR REAL? LOL Im a Virgo as it is, Im very very private. My circle is small. I have to make sure you are good peeps before I start empying my head out. Im just not like that. Let me feel you first. Let me work on milk with you, then we can go to the meat. Im not going to skip the bottle!!!! LOL

Im seriously thinking about starting back up a Womens Group, because a lot of my friends are going through with theit boyfriends, they are trying to make it out here and its hard. I want them into my house where I can teach them that you can be happy single and loving the Lord. They dont see the reason why they are not being blessed its because they are laying up with their boyfriends, having sex, getting drunk and all this other stuff. They always want to talk to me. I love it too because I will share my testimony at the drop of a hat. God put an end to my foolishness early * in a book Im writing*, and for anybody who knows its ME! I have held so many get togethers and people loved them. Im seriously thinking about it. Im going to pray on that one.

Well, Im on my way to bed, gotta get up in a few hours for work. Im going to have a good day too. I mean that. Talk to you all later.



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