Feel Free

Ah, Thank God I\’m home chilling!!!

This morning when I got up I had my mind on something, and I hate that too because I can feel that God is saying God morning to me, and here I am thinking about something else. When you wake up in the mornings, its suppose to be you and God, nothing or nobody else. So when my mind is not stayed on Jesus, I do something about it. I put him there.

Which reminds me. I have been reading the One year bible for almost 2 months, I read it daily and faithfully. I remembered this promise that I made to God before Neisha was born. I told him, I said if you give me a daughter I promise you she would know you. I got in the bathtub each night to be with the Lord and to ask him this question. I was 18 when we had become good friends because of those nights together. When I had her, the doctors told me that she was a gurl, I knew that God had did this just for me. I was so happy, so was her dad. As she got older, I would buy her bible books to read afterwards she would have questions for me. We *shopped* 2 or 3 weeks for a Church home and finally we joined Second Ebenezer. She was baptized at 9 years old on Oct 2, 1995. Her grand mother and her aunt goes to this Church. I LOVE IT. WE LOVE IT.

Anyway, now that she\’s in her last year of College she\’s gonna need a lot of JESUS in her life, especially in her field as a Criminal~State Prosecutor. When I started reading the bible in One Year I asked her to join me and she loves it!! I\’m so happy that she does. And when the bible says: Train up a child in the way he should go: when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 please believe its the truth. I guess the point I\’m making is. The one year bible is dated and we have been reading about how God kept saving Israel. They kept turning on him with these false God\’s, forgetting him, and doing all sorts of things. In the book of Judges, this is what I read every so many paragraphs. Then the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord. OMG I said to myself, how many chances is he going to give them? Then I thought about us, he gives us chance after chance just like he did them. If you really look at your life and see all the times it took for you to get it right, you would be amazed and how good and merciful he is. I mean Wowwwwwww! Which reminds me to always say Thank you in everything. I was walking to the time clock, and I said Lord thank you for letting me be able to walk. Thank you Lord. I have to promise myself that I can not forget about him. None of us can. We cant forget him like that. Its bad enough we do what we want to do half the time without asking him. He is our parent, and yes we still need permission to do stuff. I love to Thank him. I look around my house all the time and say thank you Lord for this beautiful house that I live in. I thank him for using my arms, and being able to talk. I Thank him for peace in my life, I thank him for being able to use my mind. He has a lot of work to do on me * hehe*, but you know what I\’m willing to get better everyday with the things that I fall short on. God loves us. If we would only let him do his part in us, we would be tight. I pray for Wisdom and understanding all the time. Even if I don\’t agree I want to understand.

The other day me and my coworker was talking. She\’s a lot younger than I am, with a mouth on her. OOOOOOO weeeeeeee, I see myself in her so much when I was her age. I think God purposely put * Cree* types of gurls in to my life, cause seems like I\’m the only one who can understand them. Anyway, she has a problem with one of the Customer Service Managers who happens to be my favorite person at work, and she knows that me and her are cool. I love this manager because she\’s a true Christian, she\’s a person who wants to know the truth, she likes to get to the bottom of things, she do what is fair, she looks into things. We have even prayed together right at her podium where we do business . She prayed for me one day after I told her I was sick, and later on I was like gurl, I feel so much better. She said good , cause I said a prayer for you. I love that about her. Thats how our friendship is, plus she\’s very pretty too it maybe the reason why my coworker gives her so much flack. And every time this CSM confronts my coworker on something she gets mad and want to talk loud. She knows that when I connect with her with my eyes, I\’m going to tell her she know she\’s wrong. Well, today she was reading this Avon book, out in the opening at the register, so what there wasn\’t any customers in her line. But that\’s not allowed. I mean come on now, you can feel when you\’re wrong and out of order. So the CSM walked up to her * while I was watching* and said to her you\’re not suppose to be reading that book at your register. She put the book down and looked over at me. Now she was waiting on me to say something. I waited for her and sure enough, she said SEE SHE SHE\’S HARRASING ME. I said NO, you knew you were wrong in reading that book out in the opening like that. I can tell that she didn\’t want to hear that, but I told her you KNOW YOU were wrong gurl!!! When you\’re wrong you\’re wrong, come on now.You cant sugar coat wrong. I\’m not a friend to sit up and Amen wrong stuff either, and she knows that about me. She don\’t want to get it, she just want to do what she wants to do. LOL That\’s my gurl tho.

I downloaded that stupid yahoo messenger and it messed up my computer!! Dang why did I do that? It took me 2 hours this evening to fix my baby! I knew I should have listened to my first mind. But its all good. Next time I chat with someone it will be in MSN. I hate yahoo instant messenger!!!

Well, I\’m about to get in the tub and chill.

Be Blessed,



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