*Leaders, Virgos*


Today was a good day!! I had some good sleep last night too. I got up this morning read my *Faith of a Lifetime Daily Inspirations Book* and surely it got me through the day.

When I first walked in the door from work this evening, 2 of my Sister Pearls were ringing the phone saying that one of them had purchased their airplane ticket today for Atlanta in July. Praise God!!! Both of them will come to Detroit, to fly out with me that next day. We are going to have a good time. There are still 2 more to get their tickets, and that\’s gonna happen soon. God is good. When they all went back home from our first meet and greet here in Detroit last year, we got on the phone and we were looking for Hotels in Atlanta, they were sold out all over the city! WE had the hardest time trying to find rooms. Goodness, never would I have know that a city would be booked up a year ahead. WE finally found a place where there are 4 double beds, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen with stove, dinette and 4 chairs, pots and pans, dishes, microwave oven, and TVs. We\’re happy that we don\’t have to split up sleeping in rooms, this way we\’re all in the same room. What a blessing. God did all of this. I got tired of calling all those hotels. LOL It was a job! Then we made reservations for a Rental Van at the airport. We have a friend who lives there, she will be our ATL guide. I love her, and I can\’t wait to meet and hang out with her this summer.

I love going to work because I love my coworkers. Now when it comes to be in charge of something, they always want me to do it. I don\’t know if its because I can get people involved or is it because I\’m friendly and motivated. Sometimes I don\’t like to be in charge, I just like to contribute , do my part and take a back seat. But anyway, I\’m in charge of our Birthday Club along with another friend who thought of the idea. She thought of having this club only a few weeks ago . And since Jan thru parts of May was gone, we decided to only ask the people who BD was from May 21- Dec 31 so that the people in the earlier months wouldn\’t be paying and their BD\’s have past. We started asking people to join and got 17 people * front end *. My coworker started getting discourage because people we mad because SHE didn\’t think of the idea when their BD\’s was coming around. I told her listen……. had you thought of this idea before we would have had it before, I said lets not give up this project because YOU didn\’t think of it before, what kinda mess is that? So, I said look, if they don\’t want to join OH WELL! She was like okay.

I came home typed out and printed about 20 Birthday Club Rules, and a list of each person in the club. When I took them to work and we gave a copy to each person who are participating, a few of the people were jealous. so, I\’m like dang, these are the same people who didn\’t want to join, but mad because their BD\’s have past. So today was payday and we have one BD this month on the 21st. WE lost a member to being fired, and it was time to collect $5.00 from the rest of the people. We went bought a card, and started collecting from the people that were here today. Then the other lady who is doing this came to me this morning discourage, and sad faced. She said Cree, they * she named the people* said that people are going to drop out, and people are going to get fired, and that people are going to pay up. I said look boo, when you are the Leader of something that involves others, you have to understand that some people aren\’t going to pay up, or act right. I said you are a Leader of this club, and you have to understand this right up front. I said don\’t get mad, or discourage the only people who are talking are the ones who BD\’s have past, and they cant join THIS GOOD THANG. I said people are always going to knock something they are not apart of. And as far as the people in the club, in everything you do boo, count on something not to go right. But always have a plan B, keep your cool, do all that you can do to be truthful, and up front to everyone in your group. She felt better. I said now tell me who the little haters are. We started laughing. After she told me, I said come on lets confront dey butts!!! It was our gurls * wont say their names*. WE went to their registers after the customers were gone ,and I said yall talking about our BD club, and they said yeaha laughing. I said, now yall didn\’t want to be in it because yalls Bd has past, I said but yall aint gonna sit back and playa hate on it either! They laughed. I said now, *such and such* is both of your friends, I said we are collecting BD money for the club members, but you both can put in $5.00 too!!! They both looked at us like we were crazy and said nope we aint putting no money up. I said well okay BE QUIET. They know me……I don\’t play. but I can laugh about it too. My co Leader was looking like dang Cree. So we walked back to our area, and I said see the same people who are criticizing YOUR BABY that you BIRTH, are the ones who don\’t want to put in $5.00 just because, but want to dis your good thang. I told her YOU, you can listen to them if you want, but as for me……….I\’m pushing on boo………we got money to collect!!! LOL And guess what? As soon as the card came around. THEY SIGNED IT AND DIDN\’T PUT A DIME IN IT! They lucky I\’m not funny acting, I wouldn\’t let them sign it. They only signed it to show that they are her friends, but Ill never tell they didn\’t want to give her a dime! WOW WOW WOW!

I bought some paint for my Bedroom, and I\’m going to start painting next week. I hate sleeping in beds. When I went to the hotel the Piston games a few weeks ago, my daughter slept in her bed, and I abandoned mines and slept on the chair. I have company coming in all Summer, and so I gotta get my BD in order. I want a TRUCK SO BAD ITS CRAZY. I have this vision of me going outside to my driveway, and seeing a BLACK TRUCK IN A YELLOW BOW! I don\’t know why I see this all the time. I even dream about this. I want a BLACK OR GREEN ENVOY OR A 4 DOOR TRAILBLAZER! My bedroom window is right at my DRIVEWAY. I would love to get up and see it every morning!!!

Today I bought this Virgo book. I saw it and picked it up. When I read it I couldn\’t believe how much of its so true about me. I stop getting all off into astrology * I was real bad back in the day*. but some of that stuff is true. Here is just a little of it…………..

Your color is pale green, your metal is quicksilver and the mantra of your sign us: I ANALYZE. * yeah this is true*. I analyze toooooo much. OMG!

Because you are a service-oriented person, you may seek a career as a social worker, marriage and family, counselor, massage therapist, psychologist or member of the clergy. Working with the disabled, homeless or children* yes this is me* with learning difficulties can be rewarding for you.There are sure to be times when you get tired of always being the wise and sensible one,* All the time, I am* even though the role suits you. For that reason there may be one or two friends you feel closest to, in whom you are likely to confide secrets, perhaps even more than family members.*Yep that\’s Cree*! You may keep a journal or thought book or write poetry or short stories. It goes without saying that you love to read. Whether its books, magazines, newspapers or online blogs
,*LOL* you simply can\’t get enough. * Wow* Reading is my Life!!! LOL MY LIFE!

Well, its late and I\’m tired. Gotta long day at work tomorrow. Talk to you all tomorrow.



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