Entry for May 16, 2008

I know, I know……….for the life of me I can not wink my eye. Never could. I need to learn because I think winking your eye at your boo is the sexiest thing you can do. When my cousin got married, his bride was coming down the aisle, she blocked everyone out, looked at him and winked her eye. Ahhhhhhhhh, it was so personal, soooooo * this is for you baby, and only you*. If I could wake up one day and be able to wink, I will be so happy and Thankful.

Today was a good day at work. I have been on quiet mode every since Sunday night. Something happened that humbled me, and I think that I needed that night, more than I can ever know. Sometimes when you have no control of things, it can make you ask God………okay what did you want ME to get out of that? Because it really didn\’t make any sense to me. I guess I\’ll know one day. Hopefully soon.

I read my bible daily with my daughter. Right now we are reading the One year bible,and we have learned a lot so far. Today we were reading about Saul and how jealous he was of David. When God is on your side, no one can do anything about that. I\’m just trying to figure out, why when God was on Saul\’s side * with his tall self* why did he turn away and start doing what he wanted to do? But when God chose David, Saul wanna get all mad and wanted him killed. When he defeated camps and stuff, people were all on his * heels* Amening * is that a word*? what God had did through him, but he chose to be greedy. So God was like okay………your time is almost up boo you tripping. But when YOUNG BOY David went down there with 5 rocks, and a sling shot and killed Goliath ……..his boys took off running. Saul wanted David on his *team*, but he knew God had left him and was with David. This is the part that trip me out. When the people had heard what happened with David killing Goliath, they started singing the song that made SAUL MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD. *Saul has slain his thousands, and David his ten of thousands.* Saul was mad because of the numbers. What he did was wrap his self up in the people and what they think, instead of doing things to please God. Had he been thinking about pleasing God, he wouldn\’t second thought that song the people sang. This story can tell you a lot about yourself, I\’m telling you.* Go and read for yourself* 1 Samuel 17.

Well, I\’m gone for the night. I just took me a hot bath, and took me some night cold medicine. My eyes are cross sided right about now. Last night I dosed off without praying, I was sooooo tired. Soon as I dosed off, I heard someone say Lacrease wake up! But it was someone from my dream. I woke up and was like danggggggg who was that? Sound like it was right in my house LOL When I thought about it, I said that had to be God because I forgot to pray. I laughed too. God is funny too. I knew I was always funny and silly in my life, and I thought that God was this thee thou Father that was serious all the time. So it was hard for me to communicate with him AT FIRST. Now, He has showed me that he has a sense of humor and we crack up. I\’m gone for real this time. Good night!

*hold on to yourself*


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