He looked into my eyes……

Today was a very good day . I forgot to read my * Faith for a Lifetime Daily Inspirations* this morning . But on my way to work, I did say a prayer in my car. Speaking of car, I told my mother and Neisha that one day, there\’s going to be a truck sitting in the driveway with a Big Yellow Bow on it just for me!!! They started laughing. * Not being funny*, but they know what I say always come true. I can see it now.

Today as I was walking through the store to punch in. I laid eyes on this nice looking guy who was maybe about 43ish. He was dressed nice and everything. I didn\’t pay much attention to him as I would have liked, because I was trying to get to the time clock. When I got to my register and got set up, he came through my line. Now, when I\’m feeling a connection to someone, I purposly won\’t make eye contact until THE RIGHT TIME. Because when I look him in the eye, its gonna be one heck of a connection. I can feel it. So, as he\’s setting his things up on the belt, he notice that its quiet. LOL I\’m laughing to myself, because I know what\’s going through his mind, I can FEEL IT! LOL. He\’s trying to feel me. He wants to know am I friendly, am I cold, he wants to know flat out …WHATS UP WITH THIS GURL!!!! After its too quiet for him he says: *So hows your day going*. I knew that was the ice breaker. I knew that when I looked in his eyes I had to bring the smile, the sexynesss in my voice, the UMP but I knew he needed to know whats up with thatgurltheycallcree!!! LOL After he asked me how was my day going, I looked him dead in the eyes with a sexy smirk and said: pretty good, and yours?* Using the word yours to throw the conversation back to him*. When I looked him in the eyes………. I can see the files of my life being transferred FROM MY MIND TO HIS!!! In one glance it felt as thought he knew everything there is to know about me . LOL I was trying to read him with one look into the eyes, but I had dial up and he had DSL! It was unreal. I knew he was scoping me out. One thing though he looked at my wedding finger and saw my birthstone ring on it. I can tell he thought to himself, she\’s married. To *sweep* the atmosphere to see how he was laying, I said to him, dang you doing some shopping today. He said yes, normally I go to Costco, but I don\’t need to buy that much bulk. He looked me in the eyes and said : Can you believe that this stuff is for only me? That was a sign to tell me that he lives alone and that he\’s single. In my mind I was like oooooooooookay, ummmmmmmm he\’s single. But he kept looking at my ring finger as if he wanted to comment. But he didn\’t. When time came to pay for his order he pulled out a credit card, and license. I scanned down on his Birth date and said Ummm August 25, mines is Sept 3rd. He said OH youre a VIRGO too? That was the door to the conversation. I started cracking up in my mind! That explains everything about him. We are some analyzing people! We listen well, we make good eye contact, you can tell us anything, we have to know that you are for real. When men Virgo\’s make eye contact they are trying to get everything they can out of the conversation. They want to understand where you are coming from. Ain\’t gon lie when he looked at me he put the whammy on a sistah! The more I talked while looking into his eyes, the more his * computer* was generating my files. LOL Its funny, cause I do men like that all the time, but I got got this time!!! LOL

I don\’t know what it is about me, but kids have this connection to me. All the time when kids are at the register with their parents or whom ever, they always stare at me until I say * hey pretty face*, or *hey there handsome*. I\’m like a magnet to them. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo unreal. When I personally acknowledge them, they tell me EVERYTHING!! LOL There parents stand there like aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa don\’t be telling her all that! LOL I crack up in my mind. I think its because when *grown folks* see or do business with other grown folks, the kids are always neglected. That\’s to be expected because they are kids…true enough. But I treat the kids just like they are people too. Me and their parents have a business connection, but we as parents, people have to acknowledge the kids. They are people too. My everyday line is: Hey pretty face, you\’ve been good? And they look at their parents, and they shake their heads yes, and of course the mom /dad says noooooooooo. LOL Then I ask them do you go to school? They reply yesssss, and I ask them okay who is your best friend in school? And once they tell me, they are in love with me. LOL They are so use to hearing stop doing this, don\’t do that, come here, go sit down, eat that, put that away, take a nap, get outta my face. I like to challenge their thinking. Ill say, why do kids love gum? And they would get shy on me, then when I say, I use to be a little gurl a long time ago but I don\’t remember why I like it, but since you are, why do kids love gum? That\’s when they\’ll say……..because its good!!! LOL Kids are so funny.

Well, I\’m closing for now. I ll be on tomorrow. Take care and God bless



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