*why do you do me like this?*

Today was a good day.

I guess I\’m having a break down. Nothing bad, but something is on my mind. I did some research as I do when I need too. And I found out some things that was funny, and all at the same time * don\’t know why this is happening to me*. That\’s one thing about me, when I want to find out something, or about someone, I will get my answers. I don\’t and won\’t stop until I do. I\’ve always been like this.

God knows stuff like this drives me CRAZY!!! I\’m a mad woman right now, and until I get out what I need to say to this person, it may get worse inside. Don\’t worry about me, I\’m fine. This has surely humbled me. All while I\’m saying God why am I going through this? You know the answer to what I want to know, please tell me!!! Please!!! Maybe I need for God to come down here face to face and tell me, or maybe I need this person to tell me. I dunno, but I need an answer soon. I am learning patience, but when someone knows you want to know something and purposely hide the answer, that drives me NUTS. I was doing good with this, until I read all my notes , and did some research only to say to myself……….YOU KNOW THE TRUTH LACREASE…….. LOL

And see I\’m also mad at myself too because God told me what I wanted to know. Its some doubt and I don\’t like that I feel that way. God has never steered me wrong. But still I know for sure, but when its time to confront …… I\’m not sure again. God has always lead me right, but this is so mysterious to me that it has me tripping. I mean tripping!!!

Don\’t worry its not bad or anything……………it just has me tripping. I\’m tired. I have done all the research and found out all answers I could ever need, I am turning this over to God. Hopefully, I\’ll hear from you soon so that we can talk, get all the questions and answers out……….and FINALLY learn to TRUST each other.



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