Whew Chile!


Today was a good day! Well, it started off * spooky*. I worked from 12-9 and it was off the hook!! LOL With those stimulus checks, the first of the month approaching * on the weekend* pay day, people were spending money like they had it like that. Guess they did. I was tied!! LOL

Of course with a day like this, there will be * Cree stories* to tell. I wanna understand why people don\’t speak up in situations where they need too? I was ringing this lady up, and the way she had her basket, it was blocking the way for the customers behind her. Now the lady I was ringing up didn\’t know that it was someone behind her wanting to pass. So the lady who was waiting to pass, kept, I mean kept, kept, kept looking at ME as if she wanted ME to ask the lady to move for her, when all she had to do was say excuse me. This happens EVERYDAY, I don\’t know what it is about me, that people expect me to move mountains and climb trees. But I ain\’t her!!!

I said to myself, this is gon kill me, but Imma stand right here, ring up this lady, and see how long it takes for gurlfriend * a middle aged white woman* to say * excuse me* to this * OLDER aged white woman *. I\’m standing there scanning her items, and the lady just stands there for at least 3 minutes. I\’m saying to myself…….now when is she gon say excuse me? Why would she want to stand there and wait on ME to finish this transaction, when she could be gone.? The lady doesn\’t even know someone\’s behind her. Everytime the middle aged woman looked at me, I gave her this fake smile* the smile where you squint your eyes real little and twitch your nose to the side, and bring your mouth up to your nose* and turned my head. Her eye contact was BEGGING me to ask this lady to move up. I kept on scanning like we were in the only ones in the building.

See, I have this thing about me where I have to make sure everyone alright, everything in order, people are cool, no body\’s com planing, dishes washed, clothes cleaned, people happy, how many I help you, here\’s a few dollars, here\’s a bed time story, do you need a jacket kinda person. And you know what? I\’m not God! And its about time I let him be him and I let Lacrease be Lacrease. There is no reason for me to feel guilty for not saying * oh excuse her, she wants to get by*. THAT WOMAN HAS A MOUTH OF HER OWN LET HER OPEN UP HER MOUTH AND SAY EXCUSE ME MAAM, MAY I GET PASS HERE?

So then…………

Nooooo the middle aged woman, didn\’t bump the older lady basket sooooo hard, that it rolled like it had 100 wheels.She mumbled something under her breath, looked and me and left the store ON FIRE! The older lady STILL DIDN\’T KNOW IT. ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. The middle aged lady was maddddddddddddddddddd at me!!! Once she got pass, she looked ova at me, and zoomed outta there!!! People crack me up. Now all that lady had to say was excuse me. That\’s not my job, when I need to get pass, I\’ll say excuse me Ms. Maam. And when I need to pass a man, young or old, Ill say excuse me boo, or sir. People don\’t want to do anything these days. They are so proud. They don\’t speak, people will walk pass you 50 times and not open their mouth!! I don\’t understand that. When someone drop money, be kind and pick it up for them. So what they are reaching, pick it up. If someone needs to get by, let them by before yourself. Say excuse me, thank you, have a nice day. SPEAK LIFE INTO SOMEONES DAY. If I posted how many compliments I get daily, it would be as if I am bragging. so I wont. Point being, be kind to one another!!!! ITS FREE! Now if you had to pass out a dollar everytime you got paid, then I can see you cutting back on the niceness,. LOL BUT ITS FREE!! GOODNESS.

What I learned today in that situation is, I have to let people do their own thing. I\’m always trying to * make everything alright* and end up getting upset in the end, because I try to help people and they still don\’t get it.

Tonight at 9pm it was time for me to leave my register TO GO HOME. It was sooooooooooooooooo many customers in the store, it was crazy. When I turned my light off , guess how many registers were opened? ONE 1! Yes one. So I said well Ill take a few more people, just so that I wont leave my coworker out there too bad. I took one, then 2 then 3 then 4 and that\’s when I said OK that\’s it, my light is off now. I said Maam * eye to eye contact* after you I\’m closed.You are my last customers. She was happy and said OK. Didn\’t I look up minutes later, and see a man behind her. I said OH sir I\’m closed after her * pointing to the lady I looked in the eyes. Then she said out of her mouth * rolling my eyes* right now thinking about it lol* ummmmmmm the lady in front of me left, so I told him he could get in line.?????????????????I know my face turned purple. LOL I said WHO? She said in a scary voice after she seen my face, the lady that was in front of me left. I said okay she left, ANDDDDDDDDDDD, but I told YOU that I was closed. I said maam its wayyyyyyyy time for me to leave, I was just being nice TAKING YOU. She said okay I understand I do. So the guy left. And see I wasn\’t being mean, but I told about 3 people WHO was still getting in line when she and the other lady was standing there , that I was closed. How would it look for me to take him and the other people come to me and say, I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE CLOSED?

Whew these people crazy!!! Everything was cool tho, I worked over 9 hours and I was outta there!! Well I gotta get up and do it tomorrow again until 8pm. Good Night!




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