*Just ckecking in*


Today was a good day. It really was. My dad had a light stroke today. But he\’s home and doing fine. He can be stubborn at times, and not listen to the doctor, but we are up on him for real!!! He knows it too. His speech was off and he could barely walk. But he can walk and talk well, he is good. So pray for me and my family.

I was going to do my #1 Hollywood person tonight. But I\’m tired from working today * it was busy*. And plus I gotta be right back to work in the morning at 10:00 am. When I got off at 3:30. I\’m going to get my nails done, brows, shopping and all that other gurl stuff. Imma be A TIED Sister this weekend. But its cool. My gurl is getting married. I will have plenty of VIDEO footage, and photos to share.

I\’ll post my #1 person on Monday night! Plus I want this person\’s page to be the bomb!

In the meantime, thatgurltheycallcreedog is OUT!

You can email me @ neshacrese@aol.com

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