My Favorite Hollywood Men * pair #2*

This is really been fun. And hard!!!! As the days went by, I kept on thinking about more and more Hollywood Men that are just great!!! But, we have come to the # 2 spot.

Brad Pitt and Shaquille O Neal!

I love me some Shaq! Big Deeeeee-sel! What I love about this man is off the court he has a big heart. He loves kids, his family, he\’s a people person. He\’s sarcastic like I am, but in a funny and truthful way. He\’s a big kid at heart, and I love that about him. Even tho I can be selfish with my Hollywood Men, when it comes to their wives or gurlfriends…….they always seem to pick the best.

When I found out that he and Shaunie was divorcing, I was sick about it. I just couldn\’t believe it. I don\’t care about the details, just get it together and get back together. Again no Hollywood gossip from these men I have chosen so far. And I love that about them! Shaq is probably in his last 5 years in the NBA. The next season 2008-2009 I will see him Live at the Palace against the Detroit Pistons. I was suppose to go and meet him this year when he came to Detroit, but he got traded :(. But its all good. I\’ll see you soon Shaq!

Below is a photo of my Sister\’s best friend who LOVES SHAQ more than me… let her tell it!!!

Below is a photo of the lady above daughter * my God Niece*
Brad Pitt!!
What can I say about this SEXY HANDSOME MAN!!! OMG! LOL
Check out this movie scene from one of my favorite movies
Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!!

Brad Pitt! I use to see Brad Pitt everywhere, never did I really really rally pay any attention to how sexy and such a great actor he was, until I went to the movies to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!! I\’m probably one of his biggest fans!! The chemistry he had with Angelina was undeniable!! Jennifer couldn\’t deny that! I had never seen chemistry like this EVER on a screen . I went to see this movie 2 times at the show, and when it came out on DVD, I bought it and watched it a thousand times!!! LOL

I\’m happy that Brad is getting the children that he\’s always wanted, Angelina is happy given them to him, and they look to be great great parents. I\’m always reading about how they are fixing up New Orleans, and how they always have their children together. I\’m happy for them both. Now if we could just get some wedding bells.


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