Last night when I posted I was so sleepy I went to BED! LOL

I had a whole lot to blog about, but sho I can\’t think of it now. This morning when I woke up I was sitting on the toilet thinking as I normally do. Sometimes I\’ll look up and be there just thinking and laughing to myself. Well anyway, yesterday while at work I was feeling a little irritated between my thighs. For the life of me I couldn\’t think why was my thighs feeling irritated. So I went to the bathroom pulled down my pants and sure enough it was red and full of little bumps. I\’m like……….dang whats going on.

So this morning as I\’m sitting on the toilet, I\’m thinking okay I minus well get washed up and dressed now while I\’m in here, because we\’re going out to Texas Road House for dinner. Then God said: that soap there….* I looked ova at the soap rack* is what was making you break out yesterday…. check it. So me……………being Cree said naw, I hid that bar of soap in the back of the closet, and bought a 8 pack of Lever and placed it in the front of the linen closet. As I\’m sitting there going back and forth with that voice. I realized that it was God!!! LOL So, I jumped up, opened the linen closet door and searched high and low for that one bar of soap, I hid in the closet that made me break out so bad, I was a MESS FOR WEEKS!!! I couldn\’t find it. So I opened up a brand new bar of Lever and matched the color of the soap with the one in the soap dish, and realized that someone * probably my niece who spent the weekend with us* had grabbed the bar of soap that I\’m allergic too, that I kept in the back of the closet, opened it, and placed it on the soap dish. I was so amazed at how God keeps talking to me and revealing little mysteries to me. He didn\’t have to tell me about that soap. I would have use it and broke out again. I would have never thought to think that was the actual bar of soap that broke me out. I still cant figure out why would I even have kept it in the first place. I finally threw it away today. I thanked God, over and over again. He is so amazing.

Tyler Perry sent out an email today. I was so happy to read the things he has written to his fans. I love how he talks about God. And in this message he talks about GIVING!!! I\’m like yesssssssssss Tyler!!! Give the fans some FOOD to chew on. LOL I know he fed me today. Tyler will always be my baby, and I\’ll pray for him forever. That\’s why I am so connected to him, he knows God, and he has an audience that will follow him. He\’s a Minister in his own way.

Alright, I\’m closing for tonight, Gotta get up earrrrrrrrrrly in the morning and go to work!!!! Below is a photo of someone my daughter graduated from High School with. This gurl look just like me!! * compare it to the photo of me at the top* OMG. I told my daughter to send me that photo so that I can post it. I gotta talk to God about this one. LOL Night yall. I\’m sleepy again!!

To my friend * winks to you*.


\”Our conscience works like an inward monitor that beeps when we step out of line.\” ~ Joyce Meyer


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