Just talking to myself 4

Hey hey

Today was a good day!!! Thank you Jesus!!! I woke up this morning not wanting to go to work at all. It was one of those days where I just wanted to stay in bed. I can\’t miss work tho, I have a trip coming up next month, and I don\’t want any bills on my back before or after I get back home. That\’s a terrible feeling. Your out of town shopping and stuff, then you have a flash back of coming home to a bill, shoo that will mess up your shopping experience. Naw, lol been there done that.

Today I have a lot going on in my head, nothing serious, just funny thoughts and things I want to write down before going to bed.

Back in March 2004. I was apart of an on line Ministry- Am I My Sister\’s Keeper. Angela and her husband had bought me a plane ticket to New York, but her apartment was in New Jersey. I told her that I was catching the Greyhound to NY, because I was afraid of flying. She called me after reading my email and said to me Lacrease you are not flying. You have to come out of that fear of flying. She said what if God called you to travel places where its too long and time consuming to ride the Greyhound Bus? I thought to myself……..I can\’t see me having to fly anywhere. She told me to get somewhere alone, so I went into my bathroom and she just started praying for me over the phone. \’These prayers were so powerful, I was crying, and after about 10 minutes I was instantly over the fear of flying. I can\’t even explain it. My fear was instantly GONE!!! As the days were leading up to me flying to New York, she called me and emailed several times asking was I coming? I said gurl I am there!!!! I am no longer fearful of flying. I knew she believed me, and I KNEW I wasn\’t afraid. Days later she sent my airplane ticket thru email, and the day it was time for all 8 of us to go to New York I was there.

When I got there, they hugged me and asked me how was my flight. I told them to be honest the plane landed too soon, I was really enjoying being up in the sky!!! Now here I am flying to ATL, with 2 of the 4 Michigan Pearls and I will pray for them as someone prayed for me. I know God did that for me, because before that, you couldn\’t tell me nothing about flying. I\’m flying to Houston next Oct for a week cruise. I\’m about to do it up in flying!! Thank you Jesus.

When all 8 of us got there, we had a Leadership Conference. She has an apartment in the same building as Queen Latifah lives in NJ. So just imagine our atmosphere. We had no time to play, it was all business. Each day the Leaders had something planned for us to do. On the second day they waited to almost midnight, made us change into these outfits * I still have mines *. They placed backpacks on us filled with HEAVY HEAVY jugs of water, plus we had to carry an egg in one hand and a gallon of water in another. And then we took to the streets for hours and hours and hours not knowing where we were going. The only people knew was the 2 Leaders. I was the biggest one, so I was about to pass out!!! We hopped on NY trains, from here to there. Seem like forever for us to get back to the apartment and lay out in that bed. Next thing I knew we were about to start walking

Yep, the Brooklyn Bridge!!!! I was horrified when I saw how long this Bridge was in person. We had to walk this whole Bridge. Talking about a Sister who was TIIIIED!! And get this. We couldn\’t drop, or crack the egg, also we could switch off the gallon of water in each hand, even if someone in the group needed help anyone was allowed to carry their egg or water for them, only until they regrouped.It was early morning, cold/hot, scary. I needed help on that Bridge. I can see my Sister Keepers gurls faces now looking at me, like oooooooooo Lacrease, Lord help her!! LOL Its funny now , but it wasn\’t funny worth a Darn back then. LOL Before we left the apartment for this 5 hour journey through NY and New Jersey, they told us the purpose of that assignment was to learn how to juggle, God, friends, family, job, issues, all at the same time. Boy did it seem wack then, but today in my life. The person and Leader I am today, if it wasn\’t for those exercises and LORD KNOWS the ones I havent got to writng about yet, has helped me in my life today. That\’s why I am ask to lead so many things, it all comes together now. God was preparing me. I couldn\’t even grasp all that stuff they were teaching us about the bible, and ministry then in 2003. Never ever knowing that I would need it now. I have 2 projects going on RIGHT now as I type, and even this message has me about to step up my game. God has something in my belly that is about to start growing. I have learned not to speak prematurely but baaaaby when it starts to happen for me, you all will be the first to know about it. So get ready!!! I want to say to Angela and Vanessa thank you both so much for your Leadership Skills. Ive been to Chicago 3 times for Leadership Meetings with them, and to New York/New Jersey. Angela is a Minister under Smokie Norful Church Victory Cathedral Worship Center outside Chicago. And Vanessa is into Media Relations at her Church in New Jersey. I\’m sooooooo proud of them!!!

Yesterday after service I read my Bible for 9 hours right here at this computer straight. I had to meditate on it I kept on going back and forth over the Scriptures. You have to read it like that sometimes to get that good understanding you need before moving on.

I\’m sleeping. I have more to share tomorrow. Good Night!!



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