*Boss up your Communication Skills people*

Hey People!!!

Today was a hot one here in Detroit, it was 94 plus degrees not including the heat index. I cancelled my gurls meeting today :(. We would have been miserable up in here, that all agreed. The air was on, but still it was to hot to even be outside. I went to the grocery store and bought some salads, watermelon, and cherries. Its to dogone hot to be eating anything else. Plus I’m trying to lose weight.

Lately, older ladies have been coming up to me talking about weight. Saying your so pretty, but you need to lose some weight, saying they use to be the same way, and they know how I’m feeling. I’m very approachable so coming up to me and just starting a conversation like this is not new. I accepted and received all the information those ladies have given me. I’m watching what I eat, and I’m thinking about what I’m going to put in my mouth. I’m feeling so full of water, I hate this feeling.


I love when  Neisha and I NEISHAPRETTYhave our talks. We always talk about the importance of taking care of Business, and how serious you have to be when you’re doing it. My mother is out on Medical,  because she had to have surgery on her knee. My mother is very sweet, very easy going. The thing about my mom is when she is taking care of her business she has to get to this boiling point before she sometimes get her business taking care of. She’ll let them tell her……call back tomorrow, or come back later, or we’ll call you, and all this other stuff. While we were growing up she would be this way, BUT when she got tired of the run a round she GOT HER BUSINESS TAKEN CARE OF, and she did it talking to MANAGERS, OWNERS,  STATE OFFICIALS, I mean my momma NEVER had to curse, she never had to get loud, she never had to threatened anyone. All she did was spoke to people in higher positions, with a good attitude and a firm voice. But now that my mom is older, she is more laid back and more so into letting things go.

Last week I took my mom to her job to pick up a copy of the bank records of the check her job issued to her that was sent to the wrong address. They told her at the job that since they had issued the check out, she had to have it investigated by the police and to file a report.My mom got in the car and when I asked her about how did they still have her old address on the check, she couldn’t really explain how they didn’t have the new one, when they mailed out her check the week it got stolen and cashed. So I went in the building with Neisha and asked to speak to * Nancy*. Once talking to her, other people where in the office with her listening. These are all older white ladies who have been with the company of years. As I’m talking to Nancy, some other lady jumped in the conversation, which was cool because she was trying to get me to understand that when my mom changed her address a year ago she should have checked to see if it actually went through. She picks up her check every 2 weeks so it wasn’t a big deal * to her*, but since she had  this surgery she had them to mail it for her. Anyway……. I wasn’t understanding how they HAVE HER NEW ADDRESS NOW, but didn’t have it then when she needed them to mail it off. They couldn’t answer my questions, so I proceeded to leave, when Neisha said ma……here is the lady that was suppose to change her address. So, I stopped her and talked to her. She walked with me back to the office of the ladies I just left. By this time it was a man standing there talking to them. The lady walked into the office and started talking to those other ladies and they looked at me as if  to say……………… didn’t we already have this conversation? I’m looking at them, and they are looking at me. I said to them……….. look I’m here to get understanding, not to finger point, or demand another check. I said I need to understand why her new address is in THIS LADIES SYSTEM, and NOT in yours which should all be connected. Just as I said that, this older white man was standing there, and JUMPS HIS ASS  into  conversation. I said ummmmmmmm excuse me……. Sir who are you, and how are you doing? He said HI, I’M THE GENERAL MANAGER  of this building and such and such and such and such. I said SIR, one sec, I’m talking to HER, I’m trying to get an understanding of a situation. Right then, he knew I wasn’t nothing to be played with. I looked him dead in the eye as to say, I don’t care of your own 15 blocks of this stretch of land were standing on,  OR 10 CITIES IN THE UNITED STATES…………. I’m not talking to you and you’re not going to INTERRUPT OUR CONVERSATION TO TAKE UP FOR THESE LADIES I’M TALKING TOO, NOT REALIZING THAT I’M TRYING TO UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, MORE SO THAN HAVING A COMPLAINT AGAINST THEM. When he saw my eye contact and saw that I was being polite and professional, he backed down, and he didn’t say another word to me. : ROLLING MY EYES:

So, I left, went back to the car and we decided to go to the Police Station to fill out a stolen check report. When we got there and were called to the desk, after a long series of questions, the officer asks us for the name of the person who gave her a copy of the bank record. My mom didn’t know her last name, so the officer gave her permission * we are not allow to use cell phones in the police department* to call her job and asked the lady for her name and phone number. Bless my mom-ma’s heart she’s so sweet, but when she got on the phone she was talking to nice and so humble. But I see in dealing with them and watching how they all jump in the conversation double teaming and stuff, you have to boss up your game with them. You can’t pussyfoot around with them. My mom calls and ask for Maria, and they ask the famous questions, WHOSE CALLING * UGH I HATE THAT* my mom says this is * such and such* and I need to know Maria’s last name. Then the person on the other end says…… Well she’s gone out to lunch. and my sweet momma says………….OH OK……… WELL SHE’S AT LUNCH ILL CALL BACK LATER. I SAID UT UNNNNNN MOMMA let me see this phone. My momma hands me the phone. I said HELLO,  this is Lacrease Walker the daughter of Janell, I said I need the first and last name of Maria, she says in her smart  voice……. I told the other lady that she’s out to lunch. I said were at the POLICE DEPARTMENT AND we need MARIA’S FIRST AND LAST NAME. She was like okay, okay, um um hold on, ILL GO GET HER. Maria came to the phone and gave up all her information. What pissed me off about everything is, when I was in the office they all wanted to jump in on the conversation and clear their name of what happened, send me to the police department just to get it out of their hands, then when we get their NO ONE WANTS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, until I say I’m at the police station. Nobody knows nothing, nobody wants to give out information, but as soon as you say, THE POLICE WANTS TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION,  they turn state Ev!

When we got home and had out late night talks, Neisha was like momma I want to be just like you when it comes to take care of business. I told her to NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER RESORT to cursing. If those people aren’t giving you answers GO HIGHER. Never sit up and go back and forth with people who can’t help you. Thats time consuming and stupid.

Just had to share that……….so many people don’t know how to talk to others to get the answers they need. They get mad and then the fighting begins. Stick with real questions, talk to people who have answers, LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY, and then ask questions. No need to get angry.

God night I’m sleepy. Its 3:05 am and tomorrow I’m getting up @ 10:00 am to go to the movies to see GI Joe. I’m doing a solo because people say the movie is TOOOOOOO LONG. Oh well gotta go along.

Lacrease blurryme

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