2009-09-15 00-38-09.720Yep, thats just how my facial expression was when this lady cut in front of 1000 people * not a real number* and said……. “I only have one item”.

How the He**? How you gon cut in front of people cause youre in a hurry and you only have one item? Then she gets to explaining to the customers,  and they sent her butt right to the back of the line!!! LOL People crack me up!!!

 ATL here I come again!!! Im taking my mom to Atlanta next year with Neisha, my sister and her hubby, plus my nieces and probaly my other sister and her hubby. We already have our rooms book, rental car is in place, and we are waiting on airline tickets to drop. Im taking her everywhere. I can’t wait. She’s only been to Texas and a cruise. She wants to go everywhere, and Im going to make sure that we do everything her heart desires.

Be back lata!

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