The day before Thanksgiving


 Sorry I havent been writing that much lately. I had a little bit on my mind. The day before Thanksgiving me and my Sister kinda fell out. I love my Sister dearly, and I hate the fact that I got really, really, really upset with her. To the fact where, when it was time for ALL of my family members to come over to my house on Thanksgiving, I left and went to the movies to see 2 shows. I didnt even want to be home when she came over. I never did this before, my parents were really shocked and disappointed with me a little. They did have a good time without me, which is good.

 What happened was the day before when I made dinner for 50 people with my feeding the homeless dinners, my sister was over, and after we had made the plates and were waiting to pass them out, she wanted one of my sectional plates that we had left over for the homeless project. Everyone knows how I feel about things that has been donated to me. I put them up and use them for the next year. All of these things are donated to me, and I want all of it to go to just that. I had plenty of things this year and some were left over, next year I plan to feed 75-100 people .

Well after we had made all 50 plates instead of my sister asking for a plate thats in my cabinet to use she insisted on using one of the donated plates. She was going over to my dad’s house and she needed a plate. I tried explaining to her, I will ACOMMONDATE  you with a plate, but NOT one of the plates that were donated. She didnt want to hear that, she figured that since I didnt use all of them, that she could have one. My issue is this, if I tell you naw boo, Im not going to let you have one of the donated plates because I dont see that its fair to those donated, why not take from the cabinet? Why do we have to argue in front of others who are here helping me? Why? You are my sister you should respect what Im doing and just got another plate. A BETTER ONE AT THAT!!! What really made me angry is I started thinking about all the things that I would go out and by for my gurls group and she would ask for the chips, or the juice and candy I have for them. She looks at it as if I can buy more, and were not going to * miss* what she ate. That just took me over the edge thinking about it. She in my opinion doesnt respect my stuff. She feels that I can replace the stuff, and that I wouldnt miss it. She dont get the whole point. I truly believe that if someone gifted me with $12,000 for my gurls group, and she was facing foreclose she would feel that I should LOAN her the money so that she can keep her house. Thats how she is. But Im not that way. Donated things are donated things. I just dont feel right mismanaged things that Im in charge of. We have talked since this, she came over to get something, but at the same time we havent talked about this. Things will fall in place, it’s just that she needs to respect my things. When she come over she can get anything she wants from me. Dont ask me anything just get it * as far as going in my fridge, and things like that.* My nieces and nephews too, this is their house as well. They already know. Just please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee when it comes to my gurls group food, goodies, money, and my homeless people things, DONT ASK ME FOR IT, PERIOD AT ALL. LOL I love my baby Sister with her spolied self! God bless

Well, Im off to bed. Good Night!

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